Puppie plans 2019


Information will come soon.

Our breeding hopes are a puppy from Millieville will be a typical beardie, both concerning appearance and behavior, with a sound mentality and willingness to work.

We are hoping to hear from our puppy buyers through both good times and bad times. Puppy gatherings will be planned continuously. We are happy to advice in any obedience-, rally obedience, agility- and tracking training as Linda has been competing with beardies in these activities since 1991. If there is interest, we will arrange a Millieville Training Camp, or simply meet-and-greets. One does not exclude the other!

Going to trials with your beardie is not a must but we are mainly looking for lasting, loving and active homes.
If you are interested in a puppy, or have any questions about the breed in general, feel free to contact us by e-mail  webb[ a] millieville[dot] com.

We are naturally following both the breeding statutes and the breeding strategics of the Swedish Kennel Club as well as the breeding recommendations of the Swedish breed club Specialklubben för Bearded Collie (SBC).
One year of membership in SBC is given to those who are not already members! 


The puppies are delivered at earliest 8 weeks of age             - registered in the Swedish Kennel Club
                                                                                     - ID chipped
                                                                                     - inspected by a vet


Lilly och Linda

Izzie med valpar



Lilly & Hedda