Nyheter 2008-2011


December 11

Obedience and rally trial

Today was Izzie's brother (or Millie's grandson) Quintus with his mom Kristina on an obedience trial. They got 162,5 points of 200 and another qualifiying result. Since this was their third qualifying result they got the title LPI - CONGRATULATIONS!!

Izzie and Quintus as puppies

Penny and I went to a rally trial, there Penny did her second start in the intermediate level. Penny did a great job, but I did a mistake which costs us ten points. We got 89 points of 200 and a qualifiying result for the next level. Need three qualifying results to level up, this was our second.

November 27

Obedience trial

In a very stormy weather Izzie and I went to her second obediene trial in Skanör-Falsterbo. Izzie did a great job and I really lover her attitude and speed. She got a first prize with 173,5 points of 200 and is now qualified for the next level!

Photo: Andrea Andersson

November 23

Izzie 2 years old!

Today is Izzie and her dear brother's birthday, already two years old. Time really flies... Happy Birthday my lovely Izzie!


November 7

Home sweet home

Back home after a wonderful vacation, it was wonderful just to relax and enjoy seeing the sun!

November 4

Quintus is showing off - again!

This day is Quintus and his mom Kristina on an obedience trial. They get qualifying scores to the next level and is now just missing another qualifying result to get the obedience title LPI.

Quintus in action


Herding day

The day after Pennys big trial and it really feels, we are tired and wished in the morning that we just could be home and doing nothing. But on the scheudule is herding. Izzie herds very well and I am so pleased with her since it has gone months since the last time we did herd.

Izzie & I in action
Photo: Christina Andersson

October 15

PENNY OBEDIENCE TRIAL CHAMPION & Izzie's debut on obedience trial!!!

Finally. At the bearded collie club's obedience trial Penny got her third CC (first prize) and the title obedience trial champion. I am so happy and pleased, my wonderful Penny! She celebrated this with hamburger and Swedish meatballs.

Here is some photos from this trial.

Heal work

Scent and retrieve

Izzie did her debut in the obedicence ring too. The laying in group was crowded and Izzie did change from layind down to sit after a minute. We had a misunderstanding in down under march and didn't pass that exercise. Overall she got a second prize (150 points of 200) and become second in the class.
The judge gave Izzie the prize as the most promising beardie (of those that was shown in level 1 or 2).

Some pictures of Izzie from this day.

Heel work

Jumping with the judge Ingvar Klang and a functionary in the background

October 9

Obedience trial

Izzie's brother Quintus (also Millie's grandson or Melvin's son) did his second start in obedience trials with his mum Kristina and did it with flying colors! They got 170 points of 200 and is now qualified for the next level! Well done!!

Quintus & Melvin

September 17

Obedience trial

Millie's son Melvin with his mum Kristina did a great come back in obedience level elite! They showed a great attityde and spirit! Unfortunely they didn't get any CC, but just give them some time and I strongly believe it will come.

Kristina & Melvin

Izzie's brother Quintus (also Millie's grandson or Melvin's son) did his debut in obedience trials with his mum Kristina at the same trial. With a tiny little misunderstanding they didn't pass one exercises and ended up just two points from level up to the next level.

Kristina & Quintus

September 4

Rally obedience

Sunday and the third day of rally obedience trial. Today Penny and Izzie started in the intermediate level. Becaise of me Izzie didn't pass this trial, only two points were missing. Penny passed this trial too!

September 3

Rally obedience & Herding instinct test

This day Penny and Izzie started in level novice and they both passed the trial again! They become now qualified for the intermediate level and got the title RLD N.

After the rally obedience we went to Ekeberg. It was a herding instinct test there and Izzie, a bit tired after have been on three trials the last 24 hours, passed the instinct test! Calle Borgström was the judge.

September 2

Rally obedience

For the very first time I showed the dogs in rally obedience. Millie 12 ½ years old just started in one class, level novice, and pass the trial. Izzie and Penny were shown twice each and passed both times!

August 13

Internationell dog show

Izzie was entered in the intermediate class. It was 44 beardies entered to the show, because of a change of judge the dogs were judged by a Candian woman and the bitches was judge by August de Wilde from Begium. Izzie got excellent and won her class with CK. In the best bitch class I thought we never would be placed since there were so many bitches that had won a lot before. I was really surprised, also happy of course!, that Izzie was one of the four left in the end. Izzie was placed as #4 best bitch and got Reserve-CC. Very close to the CC, but I hope we will get more chances in the competition of the CC. :))
It was a very wonderful day in beautyiful Ronneby Brunnspark!

June 21

Obdience trial

Another trial for Penny this day. Compared to last trial it felt much better. We did not get our third CC, during the summer we will train and have fun so we can enter more trials in the fall/winter. Penny become #3 in the trial.

June 11-12

Herding clinic

This weekend was scheduled for only herding. And we did a lot of herding, but also oat really good food and had a wonderful time! Even it was a couple of months since Izzie and I heard she did some progress and I was (just like always) proud of her!

the herding nerds ;)

Izzie and I

May 8

Obedience trail

The Swedish collie club had an obedience trial. Since Penny (like Chess and Millie) just loooove rough collie I decided to enter her to this trial. And she was so happy to meet all these rough collies and almost forgot that we should do some obedience.. ;) It went well Penny got her second first prize (CC) and become #2.

Penny with her trophy!

the winner's stand
borrowed the pic from SCK

April 27

Penny 8 years old!!

Today Penny and her siblings become 8 years old!! Times really flies. I hope they all gets a good day with a lot of fun!

Penny, Murphy, Millie (proud mother), Melvin & Jonna



April 25

Obedience trail

Another trial day. This day it was really, really hot. The dogs thought it was almost too hot to work in the sun. Penny likes better the it is colder, but she did a wonderful job! We did fail the jump with retreiver otherwise she did her best. We won the class, but was some points away for the CC.

the winner's stand
photo: Johan Fred

heel work, more pics here
photo: Andrea Andersson

April 23

Obedience trial

Today was an obedience trial level elite. Penny did a good job but some things happened that usually doesn't happened and we lost some points. With only a few points from a CC (first prize) we become second in this trial. Keep your fingers crossed that we will get our two last CCs soon!

photo: Britt-Marie Lindberg

April 16-17

Obedience clinic

This weekend it was an obedience clinic with Berit Sjöberg with nine beardie owners. It was a lovely weekend and we had a great time. I am looking forward to meet all next year!

All beardies and their owners and Berit & Charley Sjöberg

Kristina in a wonderful heel work with Melvin

The Millie family - from left to right; Millie, Izzie (granddaughter), Penny ( daughter), Quintus (grandson), Melvin (son and father to Izzie & Quintus)

Izzie and Quintus with other beardies from Svassas Bearded Collies

March 27

Obedience trial

Today was the years first obedience trial (level elite) for Penny. Those things we had worked on during the winter gave a good result! But unfortunely we did some other misstakes. Now are we looking forward to go to more trials!

March 18

Happy Birthday Millie!!

Today Millie is 12 years old, time flies... We would like to wish Happy Birthday to her brothers and sisters. Now it is time to celebrate our precious Millie!


Wonderful trophys!

For some days ago I was at the dog working club. I couldn't go to their annual meeting and I got a hint that Penny should get some trophys at this meeting since she became #2 top winning dog (all breeds) in obedience. Guess if I got surprised that I got four trophys?!!

Penny became #2 in obedience, best result in level elite, best scores of three trials in level elite and best result in tracking level 1. We got such a nice trophys! What I great dog working club I am member in! :)

19-20 Februari

Lydnadshelg i Kungsör

Denna helg träffades elva beardisägare i Kungsörs Brukshundsklubbs fina hundarena! Vilka träningsmöjligheter Kungsörborna och boende omkring har! Inte alls avundsjuk, inte alls... Under helgen hjälptes vi åt med träningen, alla hjälpte alla. Det var en så härlig stämning där; glad, positiv och många skratt! Jag hoppas verkligen att vi ses snart igen! För det här får vi göra om!

Tusen tack till Jens Eriksen för bilderna på mina hundar, alltid roligt att ha ett minne. Vill du se mer bilder och läsa om helgen, gå in på aktivbeardis.com.








February 19-20

Obedience weekend

This weekend eleven beardies owner met in Kungsör and trained obedience together, we had a great weekend with a lot of training and having a great time with old and new friends. Thanks to everyone for this wonderful weekend! I hope to see you soon again!

Thanks to Jens Eriksen for these wonderful photos of my dogs! More pictures at aktivbeardis.com.









Year Lists

Penny ended up as #3 most winning beardie in obedience trials. I am very happy that she became third considering all the trubbels we had this year. Most happy am I that Penny got a CC (first prize) in obedience level elite at the Championships for Bearded Collies in obedience.

Pennys brother Melvin was entered to only one obedience trial and become #12 at the year list. Melvin pass level elite in tracking too, a real versatility beardie!

Penny at the Championships



We are now keeping yours fingers crossed that 2011 will be a wonderful year!

Millie with children and grandchildren



November 23

Izzie 1 year

Today is Izzie's first birthday and we will of course celebrate her! We also send our birthdaygreetings to Izzie's brother Quintus and hope that he have a wonderful day!


October 3

Rally obedience

Today it was time to do some rally. I had entered Millie and Penny in level novice and then I was buying some book at the dog working club they didn't have change on my bill. So I got the opportunity to enter Izzie in the too, which I did...

As number two in this level it was Izzie's turn. Although she is not trained for trials and is very young, 10 months and 10 days, she did a great job. Millie was numer twelve and she did a great job as well, I did a misstake and forgot to stop in one exercise... Penny was the last dog in this level. Now I was prepared after had done this course two times and had all my focus on Penny, whom thought it was a strange foot work that we did for less than two minutes. But she loved it!!

It turned out that Penny got 100 points of 100!!! Unbelievable! She won the class. Izzie become #5 with 89 points and Millie #10 with 86 points. Millie got her second leg (of three) and Izzie her first.

Since Penny got 100 points she was qualfied for the next level, intermediate. Of course I couldn't resist to enter her today then I got the opportunity... We weren't prepared at all for this level but we did our best. I did (again...) some mistakes, it is obviously very hard to count to three..., but Penny was a happy and focused beardie. :)
We did get 87 points and a second place and our first leg in this level!!

Penny with her lovely blue and yellow ribbons

Izzie thought that is too much focus on Penny and her ribbons... As always she thought she should do something to change so the focus would be on her, and she did... Isn't she cute?

October 2

Obedience trial

Today was another trial for me and Penny. Penny did a great job, but I did some misstake in one exercise. So because of me we didn't get a first prize (CC)... Oh well, I guess it is better that I do the mistakes than Penny. Now we have some time to train to next trail...

September 25

Obedience trail - The Swedish Championships in obedience for Bearded Collie

Penny was shown in obedience class level elite this day. She did a wonderful job and got a first prize (=CC) and third place. I am so proud and happy of her, my sweetheart Penny!
She is the first beardie since 2006 that got a first prize in this level, 2006 I started her mother in an obedience trail and she got a first prize then.

In the championships she ended up as runner up, got the silver medal, and was a member in the winning team.

the top three in level elite

all dogs and handlers in level elite

the winning team

Bronze medal to Inger & Wilma, Gold medal to Hanna & Viggo and Silver medal to me & Penny

September 19

Puppy show

Izzie was shown for the first time at a puppy show. First she became BOB, then BIG and after that BIS-6!!! I am so happy and proud of her!!

September 5

Tracking and obedience trail

Penny was entered to a trail there you first do a tracking (after humans) and then obedience. She did a very god job and is now qualified to the next level.

It was a long day, wake up at 5 am and went home twelve hours later. We are now tired but happy!

August 21-22

Herding weekend

This weekend we went again to Calle and Beate and herd. Izzie made some good progress and it was so great to see.

Izzie & I in the round pen
Photo: Christina Andersson

June 5

Another herding day

Izzie got the opportunity to herd this day at Calle & Beate. We both are looking forward to next herding day!

May 15-16

Herding clinic

This weekend we were at a herding clinic at Calle & Beate Borgström. We learned many new things, ate delicious food and had a great time!

Izzie tried to herd for the first time and did very well according to Calle. I am so proud of my little girl! Millie was also in the pen and herd a little, and she loved it!

Pictures will come soon, in the mean time watch this video clip.


here is another "video clip" while Izzie is herding

May 9

Obedience trail.

Kristina and Melvin made this debut their debut in obedience level elite. They became #2 in the trial and was only 16 points short from a first prize. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kristina & Melvin

Pics from the trial:

April 27

Penny 7 years!

This day we celebrate Penny whom having her 7th birthday! We send our biggest congratulations to Millie's puppies; Jonna, Melvin & Murphy (and Penny).

Penny 7 years!

April 24-25

Obedience clinic

This weekend we went to an obedience clinic with only beardies for the Swedish Champion Berit Sjöberg and her husband Charley. We had a great weekend and I got some real good tips to improve my training with the dogs.

More pictures from this weekend can you find here.

April 17

Obedience Trial

Penny and I was competing in obedience level elite. We failed in one exercises but did get a second prize (first prize = CC). It felt good to be back on track!

March 18

Millie 11 years

This special day we celebrate the world's greatest Millie when she has her 11th birthday! I hope that we will have many more wonderful years together!

More will come later.



We are welcoming Izzie (Svassas Easy Choice) to us! She is a lovely puppy with lot of energy and prank!

erbar, ljuvlig valp full med energi och bus!


A brand new year

We are looking forward what 2010 will bring us. We wish you all a great 2010 fulfilled with joy and happiness!



November 23


Millie has become a very proud grandma then Melvin become father toegether with Kiwi (Alistair's Watch Out) at Svassas Bearded Collies.

Kiwi & Melvin


November 14

Obedience level elit

Today Penny made her debut in obedience level elit. She did her best but we have not trained enough. Anyway, we had a great day and are looking forward to train more to next trial.

You can find more pictures bilder here and at aktivbeardis.


Championships in herding & family reunion!

This weekend was it for the 10th time the Swedish Championships for Bearded Collie in herding. The trials was hold at Ekeberg and Calle Borgström was judging.
A big CONGRATULATIONS to Christina & Pinot and Astrid & Csilla who won their classes.

All the dogs and the handlers & judge

You can find more information about this trial at aktivbeardis.com.

I also meet Millie's sister Jinnie at this trail, but I also meet Jinnie's daughter Dessie and grandchilden (Dessie is the mother), but of course also their owners Helene & Kjell.
It was so great to meet you all!

Jinnie & Millie (to the right)

More pictures from this meeting can you find here.


Obedience Clinic!

This weekend Penny and I was at an wonderful obedience clinic. Berit and Charley Sjöberg were the instructors, they gave me a lot of new ideas how I can train obedience in the best possible way. I would like to thank all the people who was at the clinic - THANKS!
A special thank you to Anne-Marie who organized this clinic, but also to Berit and Charley for being such a great instructors!

The participants and instructors with dogs at the obedience clinic of 2009!

More pictures.

August 15

Tracking level elite!

Even this day was Penny's brother Melvin competing in tracking level elite and got the result "champion quality" - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

August 2

Tracking level elite!

Today was Millie's son Melvin with his mum Kristina at and tracking & obedience trial level elite. Together they got the result "champion quality" at this trial. We are so proud of you both!!! Of course we keep our fingers crossed that you will continue other trails in the same good way as you have done all the time!

Kristina & Melvin

July 14

Herding day

Today we were herding at Calle's and Beate's place. It was a lovely summerday and we loved to be outside then we have such nice sunny day. Both Millie and Penny were herding.

Penny was herding too - photo: Gabby

Penny - foto: Gabby

You can find more pictures from this day here.

July 6-9

Herding clinic

I got the opportunity to go to a herding clinic for Terry Workman. Terry taught me many new things and I am so happy that we went to this clinic. Thanks to Calle and Beate for inviting Terry, thanks to Terry for being such a great teacher and thanks also to everyone at the clinic for fabulous days!






Terry and I



The pictures from these days are taken by Christina Andersson and Ina Michael.

At aktivbeardis.com is more pictures from those days.

April 27

Penny's birthday!

Today is Penny's 6th birthday. We went to Bjärred to take a wonderful walk at the beach, afterwards we went to the pet shop to but some treats for Penny and Millie.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Millie's puppies; Melvin, Murphy, Jonna & Penny!!! We hope you all had a great day!

Penny as we are used to see her - in full speed

Penny with her birthday present

Millie with her treat

You can find more pictures here.

April 25-26

Herding Camp

This weekend I spent at a herding camp with Penny and Millie at Ekeberg's Farm. Calle (Borgström) gave me a lot of tip and I can hardly wait until next time we will herd again!

My big thanks to Calle, Beate, Christina, Jenny, Fredrik, Stina & Inger för en underbar helg!

Here below are some pictures of Penny herding and one of Pinot (my friend Christina's dog). The picture of Penny is taken by Christina Andersson.

Christina and her wonderful bithc Pinot!

April 7


This day we met Christina and her wonderful dogs and train obedience together. It was a great day and I hope we will meet soone agaon!

You will find more pictures here.

All the dogs!




Birthday Card

Millie got this wonderful birthday card from her son Murphy liviing in Copenhagen, Denmark. Isn't he adorable?


March 18

Millie 10 years!

This day is Millie's 10th birthday. I can't believe that it is almost ten years ago since we brought Millie home.

In the afternoon we went to the beach in Lomma and took a lovely walk in the sunshine.



10 March

Agility Beardie of the year 2008

During 2008 Millie was shown at only two agility trials. Despite this Millie became # 9 Agility Beardie of 2008!!!

photo: Mette Björne


15 February

Obedience Beardie of 2008

Millie's son Melvin become # 8 Obedience Beardie of the Year. Congratulations Kristina & Melvin!


January 17

Symposium: about dogs learning

This day I got the possibility to listen to Kerstin Malm, Björn Forkman and Kenth Svartberg, all three PhD in ethology, about dogs learning. It was, of course, a very interesting day; I got some things to think about my dog training and some new stuff to use in my training with my dogs. It was a great day and I am very happy that I entered this workshop.



11 Nov

Club Championships in Obedience 2008

Today was the day for the club championships in obedience. Penny won the championships last year. Penny won her class, obedience level 3, and become #3 individually of the beardies.

Penny & I
Photo: Christina Andersson

Oct 11

Club Show in Denmark

Wendy Hindes, kennel Ramsgrove, from UK was judging this day. Millie's son Murphy was shown and became #4 in open class.

Aug 17

Cacib show in Vejen, Danmark

Heidi Müller from Germany is judging this show. Penny got excellent in the open class and placed as third. Penny's brother Murphy was also shown in the open class. Just like Penny Murphy is placed as third and got excellent.

Aug 3

Tracking competition

Today Millies son and Penny's brother Melvin and his mum Kristina compete in the higher level in tracking and obedience. It went excellent fot them. They qualified to level elit in tracking and obedience!!! We are so proud of you!!!

Melvin is now champion in fieldtracking, qualified to obedience level elite and qualified to tracking in level elite!!!

Kristina & Melvin

Melvin herds
July 20

Agility trails in Karlskrona

In jumping class level 2 Millie became #8.

July 19

Agility trails in Karlskrona

Karlskrona Dog Working Club (Brukshundklubb in Swedish) had their annual agility trail weekend called "the summer cup". In jumping class level 2 Millie became #4.

June 28

Cacib show in Brøndby, Copenhagen, Danmark

Millie wins the champion class and got a reserve cacib, so close to win a cacib... Penny got CK(champion quality) in the open class.

June 12


At the well known Swedish Dog Company "Dogman" has a news paper called "Dogmanbladet". In the April and May Millie was at the frontpage of this magazine!

June 7


Kristina and Melvin have been on another tracking with obedience trail. Once again they were close to be qualified to level elit

Congratulations to one more great show in tracking with obedience!

Photo: Maja Blom

Photo: Maja Blom

May 18


Today Penny's brother Melvin with his mum Kristina was compete in trackning and obedience second highest level. They were just a few points to be qualified to level elite! We are so proud of you!

Kristina and Melvin

May 11


This weekend Penny's sister, and Millie's daugther, Jonna was in Lund with her mum Ingvor and dad Arne. We took our chance to met them since they were in our neighborhood. Jonna was very happy to say hallo to Penny and her mum Millie; Millie and Penny were of course glad to met Jonna too.

Yesterday Biggles had his 7th birthday and we celebrated him this day.

The whole gang; Jonna, Biggles, Millie & Penny

In the afternoon we took a walk at the lakes in Saxtorp, you can see pictures from this walk here.

April 27

Penny's birthday!

Today is Penny's, Melvin's, Murphy's and Jonna's birthday. I can't believe that is more the five years since we were in the Netherlands.

Penny celebrated her fifth birthday at Bjärred with mum Millie and her best friend Biggles. They had a great time runing in the water and playing with eachother.

Penny with her new aqua toy

More pictures can you find here.

March 29-30

Obedience camp

This past weekend I participated, as an observer, in SBC's obedience camp in Kungsör. The instructor for the camp was Maria Hagström. Maria had many new ideas and gave me a fresh perspective. Thanks Maria for sharing all your ideas and thanks Katja for arranging the entire weekend!

Kristina & Melvin practice the scent discrimination basics while Maria looks on and gives tips

Katja & Ossi in action

More pictures from the weekend you can find at aktivbeardis.com or go to this page.

March 18

Millie 9 years old!

Today was Millie's birthday, she turned nine years old. I can't believe she's so old now, a true veteran! Today we went to the pet shop and Millie got to choose any treat she wanted as her birthday gift. After shopping we went for a walk with Penny and Thatcher and had a great time! I guess that Millie wishes every day was like today, mostly because of the amount of treats...


More pictures from this day will come soon.

March 15


Today Millie's son Melvin became qualified for obedience level Elite! We are sooo proud of Melvin and his mum that we can't describe ut in words. CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

Melvin is the second in Millie's litter (four puppies) to qualify for obedience level elite. I can't believe that half of the litter is now qualified for level Elite!

March 2


Penny and Ossi (LPI LPII Hich Jack Who Cares) are expecting puppies in the beginning of May. Read more at the puppy page.

Penny & Ossi

Penny & Ossi

February 24

Rally obedience

For the first time ever Millie was on a rally obedience trail. In the level "beginners" Millie got 83 point of the maximum 100 points and became third and got a "first prize". In the next level we didn't got so high points anyway Millie become #3.


A little about 2007

This year Millie's son Melvin and his mum Kristina were very closed to get qualified to tracking level elite. Melvin and Kristina has during the years won many things for example; champion in blood tracking, qualified to obedience level 3 (second highest class in Sweden). Melvin is gun shot proof and is a very stabil and nice dog. We are so proud over Melvin and Kristina!

Kristina & Melvin

Millie and Penny were also active this year.
Millie did start at some agilitytrails and got two legs in agility class level 2 (second highest class) and one leg in jumping class level 2. She also became #2 Obedience Beardie of the year and #2 Agility Beardie of the year.

Millie, photo: Mette Björne

Penny was shown at two obedience trail in level 3 (second highest class). At her second obedience trail she got qualified to obedience level elite. As the icing of the cake she also become Club Champion in Obedience this year, 2005 she also became Club Champion at her first obedience trail ever. Dispite she only was on two obedience trial she was #5 at the Obedience Beardie of the year. At this list the three best results counts.

Penny in action