Nyheter 2003-2007


15 December

Reflex coats!

Since about a month ago I got two reflex coats to the dogs from Biodistra. I have now tried them during our walks and I am very pleased with them. A big thanks to Biodistra who gave me these greats coats!

Watch more pictures of dogs with coats here.

25 November

Club championsships in Obedience

Today The Swedish Bearded Collie Club had their championships in obedience. Penny entered obedience level 3 and got a 1st prize and got a frist prize and is now qualified to compete in level ELITE! As the icing of the cake Penny becames Club Champion!

Penny in action

29 September

Herding Instinct Certificate

This day Penny passed Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC), judging was Carl Borgström. Carl thought that Penny was a great dog to work with, which we become very proud to hear.

These pictures is from a herding camp 2005


23 September

Tracking trails in Sveg

Today Millie's son Melvin is shown in the tracking trail at Eastern Härjedalens dog working club. With his mum Kristina they got the score 452 points! Congratulations! We are like always so proud of you both!

Cosmo (Melvin's "big brother") & Melvin

19 August

Agility trails at Kungsbacka

We go to the west coast to show Millie in agility. Millie became #3 with a clean run in jumping level 2 and got her first leg in this class. In the agility class she got five points and seventh place.

Millie in action

the prize ceremony

I investigate very carefull everything on the back track that Millie won this day.

Al pictures © Christina Andersson

18 Augusti

Agililty trails in Ystad

Today Millie got second place in agility class level 2 and got her second leg.

Millie with her leg (we call the leg for a stick - "pinne" - in Sweden)

12 August

International dog show in Oslo

38 bearded collies was entered to this show. Pia Prahl was judging. Penny became #2 in the open class and #5 best bitch.

5 August

Tracking trails at Västra Medelpads BK (dog working club)

Millie's son Melvin and his mum entered this competition in the level 3 (of 4), the secind highest level in tracking. They got 428,75 points - Congratulations! We are so proud of you!


29 July


At the agility trails in Hässleholm Millie made a clear run andb became #5 in jumping level 2.

Photo: Mette Björne

21 July


Millie became #4 in the agility jumping level 2.

13 May

Agility trails

Today Sydöstra Skåne Dog Working Club (Brukshundklubb) had an agility trail. Millie became #9 in agility jumping level 2.

28 April

Agility trails

Today Landskrona Dog Working Club (Brukshundklubb) had an agility trail. Millie became #2 in agility level 2.

27 April

Penny's birthday!

If I couldn't believe that Millie had become eight years old, it is much harder to believe that Penny is now four years old...


18 March

Millie's birthday!

Today is Millie's 8th birthday. I can't believe that she is now eight years old. I hope we will have many years together.


10 March

Obedience trails.
Millie won the elite class then the Swedish Bearded Collie Club had an obedience trail near Hörby. She also won Chess' Trophy for the third time.

Millie and I to the right.

18 Febr

Agility trails.
Today was the first agility trail of the year. Millie made a clean run in Agility class (Level) 2 and got her first leg!


Today the obedience list at Swedish Bearded Collie Club for 2005 is ready. Penny became #1!!!

We are so proud over her! Her brother Melvin became #3, their mom Millie #5 and Millie's sister #9.

9 Febr This day we got the message that Millie become # 9 at the Agility Beardie of 2006! We are very happy and proud over this, especially since she has been injured during a couple of months last year.



9 Dec

Obedience trails in Höganäs.
Penny got 171.5 points and became #2 in obedience level 2.

After the trails we went to my grandmother's sister Hildur, who had made some great food and cookies!


3 Dec Club Show in Herlufmagle.
Today were we in Danmark and showed our dogs for the judge Gill Burfitt, kennel Breaksea, from Wales. Millie became #4 in the champion class, and Penny #3 in the open class. They both got CK (=champion qualite).
19 Nov

Obedience trails in Svedala.
In about 30 minutes I had to show both Millie and Penny in the obedience ring. I became very stressed because of this. I started with Millie in level elite. During the trail I said wrong commands to her and she got, of course, confused. She got 243.5 points and became #3.

Penny was in level 2 and I took her to the ring about five seconds after Millie had finished her trial. Her exercises went ok. She got 181.5 points and placed as #2.

3 Nov Kristina och Melvin, Millie's son, is shown at the obedience trail in level 2. They win again their class with 168,5 points! Congratulations!
30 Oct We have now got our kennel name registered by FCI - Millieville!
21 Oct

Obedience trails in Bjuv. Millie did her come back in the obedience ring after two weeks of training and got a first prize in level elite with 180 points.

Millie & I

Penny also got a first prize (168.5 points) in obedience level 2 and got the obedience title LPII!

Jag & Penny

Do you watch some pictures from this day? Look here !

14 Oct

My friend Katja and her beardie Ossi are competing obedience level 3. They got 265.5 points and are now qualified for level elite. Congratulations!!!

Katja & Ossi

8 Oct

Melvin got win obedience level 2 at the obedience trail in Medelpads "Dog Working Club". He got 175 points, a first prize. Congratulations!

Melvin & Kristina

8 Oct

Today Penny got her second first prize in obedience level 2 . She got 169 points and became #4 of 22 entries.

Penny and I, taken earlier this year in September.

30 Sept

Obedience trials in Olofström, Penny is this day competing in obedience level 2. She got 173 points, a first prize, and became #2. Penny is now qualified to compete in the next higher level (obedience level 3).

Photo: Arne Gustavsson

28 Sept

Today Melvin became CHAMPION in FIELD TRACKING!!! We are so proud of him and his mum Kristina and we send our biggest CONGRATULATIONS up north!

Melvin & Kristina with their champion ribbon

16 Sept

Melvin has been competing in obedience level 2. He and his mum Kristina got their third first prize, and got the obedience title LP2! Congratulations!!!

Melvin in action

6 Sept

More happy news this day! Millie's son Melvin got a first prize in field tracking. He needs one more first prize to became champion in field tracking. Congratulations! We are so proud of you!


6 Sept

My friend Anne Lise with her dog Tigern" has today been quilified to the Norweigan national team. In November there are going to the world championships in Poland! Congratulations to you both! :-)

Anne Lise & Tigern

30 Aug Millie's son Melvin is shown in obedience level 2. They got 175.5 points of the maximum 200 points and got a first prize, which means that they are qualified to compete in the next higher level. Congratulations!
12 Aug International Dog Show at Ronneby. Millie is shown in the champion class and became #3. She is one of the dogs in the best beardie breeder group.
6 Aug

Millie at agility trials in Karlskrona. In the agility course she got five points, but does anyway a good run and became #8. (If she had made a clear run she would be second in this course).

Millie and I at the agility course
Photo: Nils Hällgren

This day we met some old friends that I got to know at that point Chess was shown in obedience. It was really fun to met you all, I hope that I will see you soon!

5 Aug

Millies son Melvin is shown in "bruks" (tracking and obedience). To be qualified to the next higher level you have to get at least 420 points. Melvin got 501,25 and became by that qualified to the next level. As the icing of the cake he became #3!

Kristina & Melvin

Congratulations! We are sooo proud of you! :)

30 July

Last day of this four day shows in Denmark. Millie became #3 in the champion class and #5 best bitch. Judging was Birthe Scheel from Denmark.

Millie & I in the ring
Photo: Anna Eneqvist

27 July

4-days show in Brøndby, Denmark! This day Sheila Verhaust from Canada was judging the 54 entered beardies. Millie won the champion class and became #4 best bitch. Penny was shown in the open class and became #4 of 16 in this class.

Penny and I
Photo: Anna Eneqvist

23 July

In May Millie got injured at an agility trial and finally we could start to compete in agility againg. Unfortunely we had just trained two times before this trial - The Club Championships in Agility...

In the first race (the agility class) Millie was very slow and didn't make a clear run. The next race, the jumping class, she run a little bit better. Millie became second in the club championships. Considering the circumstances I am very pleased.

20-23 July

This weekend we met Millie's son Melvin, who is living up north in Sweden, with his mum Kristina and Fia and her dog Biggles. We have some fun days together, hope to see you all soon!

From the left: Melvin, Millie, Penny and Biggles

2 July

Today it was an open show in Tollarp. Jean Lawless from Ireland was judging the Bearded Collies. Penny won her class and became Best of Breed. In the groups finals she got #2, BIG-2.

Penny and I in action

10 June

The South Scania Kennel Club had an open show in Bosjökloster. The breed specialist Pia Prahl is jugding Penny and make her Best of Breed. There was no group finals. Over 50 dogs were in the BIS-final which both Pia Prahl and Curt Bökefors were judging. Penny became BEST IN SHOW!!!

Penny and I with the BIS-judges Curt Bökefors and Pia Prahl

28 May

The last day at Vårhoppet. Both Millie and I were very tired, during all day it had been raining so instead of lawn we had mud. In the agility class we became #9.

27 May

Today we got the oppurtunity to try Mia Laamanen's, from Finland, courses. Later this year Mia will also be judging the World Championships in agility. In the jumping class Millie became #11.

26 May

More results from obedience trails!
Millie's son Melvin made his debut in obedience level 2 this day. He got 169.5 point of 200 and became #2. Melvin is now qualified to compete in the next higher level. gjorde idag sin debut i lydnadsklass II och fick 169,5 poäng och kom tvåa. Grattis till en finfin debut!

Today was the first day of three at Vårhoppet, Sweden's biggest agility trails with dogs from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany. Millie made a clear run and became #6 in the agility class.

25 May Amanda, Millie's sister, got another first prize with 164 points in obedience level 1, and they got the obedience title LPI - CONGRATULATIONS!!!
21 May

At an international dog show in Hässleholm Millie became #2 in champion class. Judge was Nina Lönner-Andersson, kennel Alistair's.

Photo: Lars Viklund

20 May Millie's sister Amanda got a first prize with 161 points in obedience level 1 today at an obedience trail in Hörby. Congratulations!
13 May At a dog show in Piteå, up north in Sweden, Melvin was shown. He became #4 in the open class. Judge was Gunnar Nymann from Denmark.
29 April Agiity trails in Åhus. Millie became #8 in the agility level 2. I am very pleased with her two runs, and am looking forward to next trail!
27 April

Penny 3 three years old! This day is Penny's birthday, vi celebrate with a long walk at Revinge.

We would also sends best congratulations to Millie's other puppies - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

23 April

Today Millie made her debut in agility trails for this year. Millie runs well and fast, but I didn't make any good. I have to train how to handle med arms and shoulders. I am looking forward to next agility trail!

14-16 April

We are spending the Easter outside Kungsör at Katja Börjesson's home. During a couple of days we are training very hard.

At the Easter day I also met Anna Eneqvist with her dogs M and Pepsi (the only beardie who is tripple champion - obedience, agility and conformation)

From the left: Millie, Penny, Pepsi, M, Ossi and Jiffy

I would like to thank Katja and Anna for a great time with obedience and agility training! I would also like thanks Katja and her family for their great hospitable!

Watch some more pictures here!

1-2 April

This weekend we trained obedience. Penny and I hadn't trained for a very long time, and we both were very tired after these two days. I hope that we will start to train obedience a little bit more.

Penny and I

It you like to, you can watch some more pictures at aktivbeardis.com . Go to "Lydnad" and then "Reportage".

In "Skocken" (the Swedish Bearded Collie Club's Magazine) I had an add for Penny's up coming litter. If you would like to watch it click here for a file in pdf (2.5 MB) or here for the same add but as a picture (125 kB). Unfortunely it is in Swedish.
19 March Today it was the international dog show in Malmö. Joyce Collins, kennel Beagold, from England was judging, 76 bearded collies were entered to this show. Millie won the champion class and become #4 best bitch! I am very proud and happy over this great result!
18 March

Today is Millie's birthday. I can't believe that she is now seven years old...

More text and pictures will come soon.

10 March Millie and Penny is on the front page of the Danish Bearded Collie Club's homepage! We are very proud over this of course!
19 Febr Dog show in Odense. Judging is Gunnel Holm from Finland. Millie became #2 in the champion class and #5 best bitch.
16 Febr

Today it was an annual meeting at Lunds Brukshundklubb. Millie became #8 at their Agility List and Penny became #2 at the obedience list. Millie got also a big pewter plate as a memory of her Swedish Championtitle in conformation and Penny got a smaller pewter plate for the best result in obedience level 1. 2005 was a great year, I am now crossing for an another successful year 2006...

The awards.... ;)

3 Febr

Today the obedience list at Swedish Bearded Collie Club for 2005 is ready. Penny became #1!!!

We are so proud over her! Her sister Jonna became #7, and Millie's sister #9.

1 Febr This day we got the message that Millie become # 5 at the Agility Beardie of 2005! We are very happy and proud over this.



4 December

Today Millie's sister Amanda passed her herding instinct test. By then Amanda has now qualified for Bronze Plaque in Versatility!

19 November

Today Millie and Penny got the oppurtunity to herd. Do you want to watch some pictures go to Pages with Pictures!

28-31 October

During this days my friend Katja Börjesson with her beardies Jiffy and Ossi visit us. We had a great time with a lot of obedience training!

You can found more pictures from these days in Pages with Pictures!

22 October

Penny makes her last start in obedience level 1 at The Swedish Bearded Collie Club's obdience trial in Höganäs. Penny wins her class with 188 points (of the maximum 200 points). She wins also Rosie's (LPI SUCH Chriscaro Christmas Rose) Troohy!

I would also like to congratulate Fia and Biggles to their win in obedience level 2 and their new title LPII! Congratulations also to Millie's sister Amanda who got #2 in obedience level 1 with 176,5 points!

You can found more pictures from this day in our Pages with Pictures!

15 October

Millie's daughter competes in obedience level 1 with her mum Lena in Uddevalla. Jonna got 181 points and a first place! Congratulations Lena and Jonna! We are so proud of you!

2 October

Blekinge Kennel club has an open show "Champion of Blekinge". Penny is shown today, it has been almost two years since the last time she was shown. She gets many good words from the judge, Tina Permo, and became best bitch and BOS.

1 October

This day we went to an obedience trial in Olofström. Penny did a good work and won her with 183 points! Since this was her third first prize in this level she achieved the title LPI!

Penny with her prize!

Penny and I at the top on the winners' stand!

As the icing of the cake she is now also qualified for Bronze Plaque in Versatility!

25 September

Penny does her second entry in the obedience ring! We have to wait for about three hours before we can start. She gets 295 points of the maximum 200 and became #3!

Photo: Jenns Städhammar

17 September

Today it is agility competitons in Oskarström. Millie runs very very fast in agility level 2 but took one obstacle in the wrong order. In the jumping level 2 Millie became #5!

Photo: Christina Andersson

Watch more pictures in pictures!

11 September

Agility competition! Millie makes two great runs, unfortunely I makes some misstakes...

Millie's daughter Jonna is competing in trackning and obedience. They passed this test with a great result and became #2! Congratulations!

1 September

This day we train agility together with Millie's brother Isac and his mum Jessica.


30 August

Today Millie's son, and Penny's brother, got his first "CC" in blood tracking! Vi are sooo proud of you Kristina and Melvin!!!
We would also like to congratulated Kristina's another beardie Cosmo who passed the pre-test in blood tracking. CONGRATULATIONS to you all three!!!

27-28 August

Millie's brother Isac competes in agility in Norway! They starts in four race, in three of the races they get legs! Congratulations!

14 August

Charlotte Laning is on vacation here in Sweden. Together with her mum Barbara Vrethammar they have a party! Thanks Charlotte and Barbara for a great party!

Barbara is taking picture of Charlotte, while Charlotte is recording Barbara...

13 August

This day we get the opportunity to take picture of Millie's mum and dad together with Millie.

Debbie and Millie (to the left)

From the left: Debbie, Millie and Lennon

6 August

Dog show in Ronneby. Millie wins the champion class, becomes best bitch and Best of Breed! About 40 beardies entered this dog show. Judge is Zafra Sirik from Isreal.

Photo: Marlene Lundmark

31 July

SBC:s Club Championships in Agility!
Today it is Millie's day to compete. To win the championships you have to get the best results from a jumping class and an agility class. In the agility class Millie wins. She became #2 in the jumping class, but the winner of this class is not a bearded collie. Since she became the best bearded collie in both runs she wins the Championships!

Photo: Fia Eliasson

I am very happy, surprised and proud of that both Millie and Penny has become Club Champion in agility resp obedience!!! I will never forget this weekend.

30 July

This day Chess is shown in an open show. Judge is Gun Jansson, kennel Goonie's. Chess charmed Gun very much, she became #3 best bitch! Considering Chess is now 15,5 years old it is very well done!

Photo: Fia Eliasson

29 July

SBC:s Club Championships in Obedience!
Penny makes her debut in the obedience trial. My aim this trial was that Penny should be happy and alert the whole time, which she was! The result became 177 points of the maximum 200 by then she got a first prize and is now qualified to compete in the next higher level. As the icing of the cake Penny becames Club Champion!


18-24 July

This week we spend at a herding camp at kennel Boomtown. We had some great day and we could herd a lot!I got some tip how I should continue to train Penny and Millie, and are now looking forward to next training session!

Penny herds

Millie herds

3 July

Millie is this day shown in the champion class at the national dog show in Visby. She wins her class and became #4 best bitch.

Millie and I

2 Juli

Today is an international dog show in Visby. The judge Conny Byström liked her and placed her as best bitch with CC and CACIB. Millie got by this her Swedish Champion title. As the icing on the cake she also became Best of Breed and #3 in the group finals!

Millie and I in the group finale

At another dog show, Moss in Norway, Millie's daughter Jonna became 3rd best bitch. Congratulations Lena and Jonna!

19 June

The weekend continues at the same high speed. Today we go to Sussie and Calle, kennel Boomtown, and the dogs herds all day.

Penny herds

Millie herds

Millie herds

Melvin got his HIC, while his sister Jonna needs to meet to sheep at least once again before she can got her HIC. Penny got her titel in January.

Melvin herds

Lena, Jonna, Millie, Penny & Kickan are watching then the others herds

18 June

This day Millie's all puppies meets at the same place! We talk and having great time together. THANKS all for a wonderful day!!!

Penny, Millie and Jonna (the bitchies)

Murphy, Millie and Melvin (Millie's dog puppies)

12 June

For the first time Millie is shown in the Champion class! All this happened at the international dog show in Drammen, Norway. Marit Sunde, the judge, likes Millie, and Millie win the champion class!

11 June

At the dog show in Vänersborg Millie became #2 in her class and get a CK (Champion Quality). Judge was Wayne Burton from Australia.

This day Millie's son Melvin compete in a level 1 with tracking and obedience. They got a great result and are now qualified to compete in the next higher level. Congratulations!!!

5 June

Today it was agility trials in Helsingborg. Millie and I made our debut in agility level 2. I made some mistakes, but Millie did a good run. In the jumping class it went better. Millie became 4th with a clean run and got her third leg! She is now qualified to compete in jumping level 2! "As usual" she celebrated this with a hamburger. She has, one more time, made me very proud of her, she is a wonderful dog!

4 June

A dog club in Hässleholm had agility trials. In the jumping level Millie became 6th with a clean run, just one tiny little hundredth of second to the fifth place and a third leg...

In the agility level it went better. Millie got a clean run and became #3! She got her third leg in this class and is now qualified to agility class 2! With a hamburger Millie celebrated this...

25 May

Today Millie's son Melvin got his third first prize in obedience level 1, and by then he got the obedience title LPI! A big congratulations to Melvin and his mum Kristina!

Melvin has now got his merits for Versatility Bronze.

18 May

This day Millie's son Melvin got for the first time the opportunity to meet sheep! Melvin thought is great and are looking forward for next time...

8 May This day we went to an agility trial i Karlshamn. Millie was in good shape and became #5 in both agility class and the jumping class after clean runs! She got her second leg in the both classes respectively.
5 May Today was the first of three days in a big agility trial in South Sweden. Millie got a clean run in the agility level 1 and became # 11 of 120 entries. In the jumping level 1 she got 20th place of 110 entries. I am very pleased what Millie performed in this competition!
27 April

Penny became 2 years old!!!
I can believe who it is two years ago since Millie became a mummy for Penny, Jonna, Melvin and Murphy... A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to her "puppies"!!!

When Penny runs, she shames the lightning! ;)

We celebrated Penny this day with her favourite thing - playing with Millie!

Having fun...

Time of their life!!!

We took a walk with the dogs and all three had a great time. After the walk Penny got her presents (treats). She didn't like the idea to share the treats with Millie AND Chess...

17 April

A little bit tired we went to the second day in the obedience camp to train even more! Also this day passes by very quickly... Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend!

From the left; Katja & Ossi, jag & Penny, Fia & Biggles, Lena & Jonna, Kristina & Melvin, Sara & Hobbe, Barbro & Archie and Bitte with Nike & Cirkus. Standing from the left our instructors Sven and Folke

Penny: Thanks for a great weekend!

Millie's puppies lives far away from each other and doesn't meet very often, we took one picture of them together with their mummies.

From the left; Lena & Jonna, Kristina & Melvin and I & Penny

16 April

The first day at the obedience camp! Instructors this year was Sven Håkansson, who I used to train with at the time Chess was young - which was a while ago, and his friend Folke Gustafsson.

Folke, Penny, I and Sven

The first day was very active and we did many things. All the training was fit for each dog.

Penny & I practising heel work

15 April

Today Millie's son Melvin comes to visit us. Melvin with his mum Kristina have to travelled by train for 24 hours to get to Lund... In the afternoon we went for a walk.

From the left; Melvin, Millie & Penny


Later this evening Millie's second daughter Jonna with her mum Lena visits us. Of course I had to take a picture of Jonna; I think she is looks like Millie very much.

Jonna - a copy of her mum!

5 April

Chess is now 15 years old!!!

This day we celebrate her with a great walk on the country. Thanks EVERYONE for your greetings!!!

Chess on her 15th birhtday, taken during the walk on the country.

28 March

Today, Easter Monday, we have been visit one of oldest breeder of Bearded Collie in Sweden - Barbara Vrethammar at Trollflöjtens Kennel. At the time Chess was a youngster we got the privilege to become friends with Barbara, who during all these years have giving me a lot of tip that have meant much for me. Since it was awhile Chess met Barbara, Chess thought it was very fun to meet her today.

Barbara with Molly & Hampus

20-21 March

After the dog show in Malmö we went to an Agility Camp for two days. Instructor was Jenny Damm, who won with her border collie Lotus the World Championships in agility for some years ago. We learned a lot and have many things to practice. It was two very nice days!

Millie doing the weaving pools.

19 Mars

Today it was time for the first dog show for this year. The show was in Malmö and judging was Zoran Brankovic from Serbien. He liked Millie, and Millie became #3 in her class with CK (CK = Champion qualite).

Millie & Linda in the ring

At this dog show we also met Millie's sister Jinne, which we have not seen as they were eight weeks old!

Millie (to the left) & Jinnie

After the dog show we go to Lomma to take a walk in the wonderful waether!

Millie at Lomma Beach

18 Mars

Millie's birthday!!! This day we celebrate that Millie became six years old. We are hiking in the forest and after that Millie gets a lot of treats!

Millie on our hiking!

10 March
This evening I have been visiting a very inspiring seminar "You can do it, if you just want to!" by Tina Törner, world champion in rally.
22 Feb

On our way home from Köping we visit Christina at Alvskogens Kennel. We got delicious food, but the most important - we met the dogs Kiwi, Java and Java's puppies. The puppies were lovely! Thanks Christina for a great day in Onsala!

Java, Kiwi & Millie and the puppies Bellman (to the left) and Pinot.

21 Feb

The day after the agility trails we went to Strömsholms Palace and took the dogs for a walk in these lovely surroundings!

Millie & Nessie in front of the palace

20 Feb

Agility trial in Köping! Millie didn't get a clear run in the agility level 1, if she had a clear round she would be second in this class. In the jumping level 1 Millie got a clean round after some small struggles and she got her first leg in the jumping level 1! We celebrated this clear run and leg with a hamburger!

14 Feb

On Valentine's Day the Beardie Obedience list got ready. Millie's son Melvin became #8! He had only two result from the obedience trials, to this list the three best results counts! Congratulations!!!

13 Feb

Today we received the great news that Millie's son Melvin was the most successful obedience dog at their "dog working club". Congratulations!!!

7 Jan

Millie and her daughter Penny have been herding today at Carl Borgström's home. Chess was also joining us, but as a supporter.

Millie herds

Penny passed her herding instinct test this day. Carl thought that she was a very promising dog!

Penny herds...

Guess who pride was! :)



5 December

This weekend Millie's daughter Jonna with her owner Lena Sand were competited in championships of their local dog working club. Even if one exercise didn't work well they came on fouth place! Congratulations!

28 November

On Melvin's (Millie's son) second obedience trial he gets a first prize and on fouth place of 29 competitors. Congratulations!!!

12 November

Melvin makes his debut in bllod tracking. Just like his mum and sister he passes the pretest with promising words from the judge. Congratulations!

15 October

Millie makes a debut in blood tracking! She passes the pretest with lot of promising words from the judge!

14 October

I put many new pictures on the dog's pages.

10 October

Millie's son Melvin has now made his debut in the obedience ring. Melvin with his owner Kristina won their class with 178 points of the maximum 200. They also won the championships of their local dog working club! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The Club Champions Melvin & Kristina!

9 Oktober

Today we watch Millie's sister Amanda passing her mental discription with gun shots! Congratulations to Amanda and her mum Helena!!!

Helena & Amanda (taken in May this year)

24 September

Jonna, Millie's dotter, has now been x-rayed and scored; HD B (free) och ED free.

19 September

Millie's sister Jinnie was participated at the Swedish Bearded Collie Club Herding Championships. Considering that this weekend was meting sheep, she made a great performance and became #5! This weekend she also passed the herding instinct test! CONGRATULATIONS!

16 September

Penny competes in blood tracking and passed on the first attempt the pretest!

9 September

Penny has been x-rayed and scored with the result HD A (free) and ED clear!

5 September

Now is also Jonna passed the mental description! Three of the four of Millie's puppies has now passed the description.

19 August

Today Millie's son Melvin has been x-rayed and scored: HD A (free) and ED free!

31 July

At our second in the 4x summer dog show in Ronneby the judge Joanne Sewell from Australia placed Millie second in the open class and second in the competition of CC. She also became 6th best bitch.

29 July

Today was the first day of 4x summer dog show in Ronneby. I had only entered Millie to two of the four days. Judging today was Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden. Millie became 2nd in her class, 4th best bith and second in the competition of the CC...

24 July

This saturday Penny passed her mental description with gun shots and made a very good result!!! She made me very proud during this test.

3 July

Millie's dotter Jonna became second in her class with the prize of honour at the dog show in Moss, Norway.

29 June

On our way home we visit Millie's brother Jiffy and his "little brother" Ossi. Millie and Jiffy were very happy to say hello to each other.

From the left: Penny, Jiffy, Ossi & Millie

27 June

At the International dog show in Trondheim, Norway, Millie wins her class and became best bitch. She got her CC and became Norwegian Champion. But this is not enough; she also got CACIB and Best of Breed! Judging was James Hayward from Australia.

From the left: Angie's Love Commander, James Hayward and Millie & I.

After a hot day at the dog show we took a relaxing bath. The highlight for all of us this day!

Linda, Penny, Melvin & Millie

24 June

Up north in Sweden!
We are up north in Sweden (Ljungaverk) and are visiting Millie's son Melvin and his family. We have been tracking a lot and to Millie's big happiness many baths in the river! Melvin's "big brother" Cosmo also thought it was fun to have girls at his home.

From the left: Melvin, Penny & Millie

19 June

Today we got unexpected, but very pleasant, visit by Joy and Jörgen who is the owner of Millie's sun Murphy. Murphy couldn't join them of their trip of Sweden because his is not vaccinated against rabies. Millie like this visit - especially then we are drinking coffee!

Joy och Jörgen med Millie i mitten
From the left: Joy, Millie & Jörgen

14 June

Millie's son Melvin passed mental description with gun shot. He was having a great time.

6 June

At the National Day of Sweden Millie got her third CC at the Danish dog show in Roskilde and became BOS! Judge was Frances Hickey from Ireland.

BOB & BOS with hte Judge Frances Hickey, Irland, i mitten
Millie and I to the right.

5 June

This day it was a dog show in Roskilde, Danmark. I showed Millie's father Lennon (INTCH NORDCH Binbusy Quotation). He became the best veteran in the breed. In the finales he became BIS-2!

21 May

Millie's brother Isac lives about one hour drive from our home. This day we visit him. Family days! :)

Isac to the left & Millie to the right

20 May

Millie's sister Amanda competition field tracing "appellklass". We were at the same place and had our fingers crossed. Amanda makes great competitions and won the class! Congratulations!

Amanda & mumHelena

19 May

With the mail I received magazine "The Shaggy Rag" from The Bearded Collie Club of Southern California. In this paper Millie was at one page! The picture below is the same as in their obediently yours. I am very proud and happy to get the opportunity to show a picture of Millie "over there".

The picture of the paper!

27 April

Today Millie's puppies are one years old! Time goes by... Penny celebrated this day with pancakes, Swedish Meatballs and some other good thins to eat.

5 April

Chess 14 years old!!!
She celebrated this day with pancakes, Swedish meatballs, dried liver etc... The dogs ate this with a big appetite. Chess wants to thanks for the congratulations on her big day!

Chess on her 14th birthday!

4 April

Dog show in Karlslunde, Denmark. Millie wins the open class and became fourth best bitch. And again she became second in the competition of the CC. At the dog show we met Millie's son with his family: Joy, Jörgen and Mattias.

Mattias, Millie & Murphy
Millie, Mattias & Murphy

Mattias & Millie efter prisutdelningen!
Millie and Mattias after they had won junior handling.

26- 28 March

OBEDIENCE CAMP!!! Again it was one of the highlight for this year. We had a great time and got a lot of tip!

25 March

Millie's son Melvin with his mum Kristina are now visiting us. Tomorrow the obedience camp will begin!

From the left:  Penny, Millie & Melvin

21 March

Millie was at the dog show in Malmö. She wins the open class and became fourth best bitch. In the competition of the CC she became second, very close but far away from the CC...

18 March

Millie's 5th birthday! We celebrated this with pancakes, Swedish meatballs and some other things that the dog likes. Millie was very pleased and thought it was a great day!

11 March

Millie's sister Jinnie got four black puppies this day! One bitch and three dogs. We send our greetings to them and wish them good luck!

Jinnie with puppies!

25 Feb

Millie and I went to Millie's sister Amanda in Hörby. There we had a very nice day with Amanda and her family.

Millie & Amanda

15 Feb

The first dog show for this year was in Gothenburg. At the dog show we met Millie's daughter, and of course Penny's sister, Jonna.

Jonna became 2nd and Penny 4th in their class, Millie was fourth in the open class.

From the left: Jonna, Millie & Penny

1 Feb

Millie became #2 Obedience Bearded Collie of the Year and 6th at the Agility Bearded Collie of the Year with only one result. Millie's brother became #4 at the agility list.