News 2018

September 22

Rally obedience show

Lilly wins her first CC! Her mom Izzie wins also a CC, can't remember how many CCs she got now. I am, as always, so proud of the girls. Especially Lilly considering she has been shown in five different disciplines.

Izzie & Lilly

September 1

Freestyle show

Izzie become a freestyle champion. She is now champion in obedience, rally obedience and freestyle. So proud of her. Today Izzie gets two CCs, my good girl!

August 18

Freestyle show

A great day! Lilly gets to legs in freestyle class 2 and by then the title FS II. Izzie gets her second CC in freestyle class 3.

Izzie & Lilly

August 12

Herding Instinct test

This weekend we had camp Millieville and we were herding, Lilly and her brother Hjalmar and sister Hedda passed the herding instinct test. Thank you for coming! It was so nice too see you again. Looking forward to see you next year!





July 29

Rally obedience

Izzie wins one champion class with 96 points and was runner-up in the other champion class with 97 points.

July 15

Heelwork to Music

Lilly got her last, and third, leg in heelwork to music class 1 with 22,8 points and got the title HtM I. So proud of her!

June 30

Obedience show

Lilly enter the start class and gets 168 points of 200 and we missed one exercise. Lilly got another title - LD startklass.

June 10

Championship in obeodience for Bearded Collies

Just like her mom Izzie, Lille defendes her champion title in obedience. Lilly gets 147 points in the start class. We had a misunderstanding which lead to we didn't pass one exercise.

June 9

Championship in rally obeodience for Bearded Collies

Izzie wins the championship with 97 points av 100 points in the champion class. Thus she defends her champion title.

May 22

Character description (MH)

Hjalmar has now done a characater description with his mom Kristina. He showed that he is curious boy that loves to play and isn't afraid of gun shots. I am so proud of them!

20 May

Heelwork to music show in Hässleholm

Lilly makes her debut in Heelwork to Music i class 1. With 24,55 and 24,65 points Lilly is now qualified to class 2 and she is runner-up in both entries.

May 19

Freestyle show in Hässleholm

As the first beardie in Sweden Izzie gets 23,602 in class 3 and gets her first CC. SO PROUD of her!

May 13

Rally obedience show in Sjöbo

Izzie makes two entries in the champion class in rally obedience. She wins both classes with 98 and 100 points. What a feeling, a day that I will never forget.

Photo: Mari Borgström

May 12

Rally obedience show in Ånge

Hjalmar gets his second CC in rally obedience with 96 points. Congratulations Kristina & Hjalmar!!

Uncle Hjalmar gets a CC too with his mom Kristina, they also get 96 points.

April 24

Rally obedience show i Sölvesborg

Izzie makes her first enter for the year in rally obedience/champion class. She gets a CC with 94 points.

April 14

Rally obedience show in Älmhult

Lilly is at another show, this time advanced in rally obedience. With 94 points of 100 Lilly wins her class and is now qualified for the champion class and gets the title RLD A.

March 25

Oebdience show in Sölvesborg

Lilly enter the start class for the second time in her life. She gets 181 points of 200 and become #3 in her class.


Summary of 2017

Speaking of results 2017 was a great year. The sad parts were we had to say good-bye to Penny and Melvin who went to the other side of the rainbow bridge. Thank you Penny and Melvin for everthing, we will never forget you. ett fantastiskt år.

Winner of the rally obedience championship
Top winning bearded collie in rally obedience
Top winning bearded collie in freestyle
Champion title in rally obedience (SE RALLYCH)
Diploma in class 2 in freestyle (FS II)

Winner of the obedience championship
Runner up in Top winning bearded collie in freestyle
#5 Freestyle novice dog of the year in Sweden (SHFK)
#10 Top winning beardie in rally obedience
Diploma in class 1 in freestyle (FS I)
Diploma in intermediate, rally obedience (RLD F)
Two legs in advanced rally obedience (she was only entered twice in this class)

Quintus (owner Kristina Westberg)
#3 Top winning beardie in rally obedience
Champion title in rally obedience (SE RALLYCH)

Hjalmar (owner Kristina Westberg)
CC in rally obedience
#5 Top winning beardie in rally obedience

Hedda (owner Tove Malm)
Diploma in rally obedience novice class (RLD N)

Hedda & Tove

Tove & Hedda

Hjalmar & Kristina
Kristina & Hjalmar

Lilly - Årets lydnadsmästare!
Championship in rally obedience - from left to right: Christina Andersson & Neo, me & Lilly and Susanne & Celeste

Izzie - årets rallymästare!Championship in rally obedience - from left to right: Christina Andersson & Maya, me & Izzie and Maggan & Mio

Quintus & Kristina
Kristina & Quinus