News 2016

November 27

Heelwork to Music novice dog of the year in Sweden

I am so happy! This year Izzie made four entries in Heelwork to Music. In the top list "HTM novice dog of the year in Sweden" Izzie is placed as #4. I was so surprised when I saw this. Izzie has once again made me very happy and proud 


November 23

Izzie sju år gammal!!

It is unbelievable, today is Izzie's and her brother's seventh birthday! Where is all the years gone? I hope Izzie and I will have many fun and healthy years together. <3

Izzie bearded collie

October 30

Rally obedience trials

The last weekend in October, Izzie did enter the last show in rally for this year. After a training break in about four weeks started Izzie in rallyns champion level. We were not in our best shape, but we struggled on. In our first start, it was a real misunderstanding between Izzie and me, I chose to disqialify us by petting for her. For me it is important that Izzie feel happiness and safety on the trial, the results are secondary. The second start was better, where we got 86 points.

It has been a long and intense season as we have competed in four disciplines: freestyle, heelwork to music, obedience and rally obedience. After 10½-month long trial season, we are taking a break in a couple of months before the trials start again.

Izzie bearded collie

October 22

Rally obedience trials

Kristina and boys went to a trial in Matfors. Quintus got 97 points and daddy Melvin got 88 points - both competing in the champion level. In the intermediate level Hjalmar started and got 85 points. Congratulations!!

The third and final trial of Lilly's part. I was not sure if we should enter the show n Svalöv. Felt anything but prepared and seriously considered emphasize us as we had not had time to practice enough. Lilly did a great job and got 99 points out of 100! Lilly won the class, she proved once again that she fixes more than what I think. Wonderful Lilly!


October 2

Rally obedience trials

Kristina and her boys went to a rally trial. Melvin got 81 and 80 points in the champion level. I am still impressed over Melvin, considering he is 13½ years old. Quintus did two entries in the champion level and did a brilliant job - 96 and 91 points. "Lilttle" Hjalmar did enter the intermediate level. He won one class with 89 points and in the other class he got 72 points. This was Hjalmars third and fourth leg in this level and he got the title RLD F and is now qualified for the advanced level. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Hjalmar - bearded collie - vinner rallyns fortsättningsklass

September 25

Obedience and rally obedience trials

Congratulations to Kristina and her dogs Melvin, Quintus and Hjalmar for their good results in rally obedience. Melvin, 13½ years old, got 87 points in the champion level! Melvin's son Quintus entered the champion level too and got 94 & 96 points. (Top winning beardie) Melvin's grandson Hjalmar made his first entries in the intermediate level with two legs (72 and 75 points). CONGRATULATIONS!!!

If you wonder I write about Kristina's dog. The reason is that Melvin and Penny are sibliing, mother is my late Millie. Quintus and Izzie are siblingstoo, Melvin is the father. When Izzie had a litter in spring 2015, Kristina decided to get a puppy from this litter- Lilly's brother Hjalmar.

Quintus och Melvin  - bearded collies- tävlar rally


Obedience trial today with Izzie in obedience level elite (FCI level 3). Izzie got 267.5 points, another first prize (CC), and won her class. I am so proud of her!

This was Izzie's last show in obedience, we are now looking forward to shows in freestyle, heelwork and rally obedience.

Izzie - bearded collie- vinner elitklass lydnad i Höör

September 18


Today Izzie got her champion title in obedience. She got 271.5 points in FCI level 3 and won her class. I am over the moon and so proud of Izzie <3

SWE OT CH LPI LPII LPIII RLD N RLD F RLD A RLD M HTM II Svassas Easy Choice - this is Izzie's posh name.

Izzie - bearded collie- vinner elitklass lydnad och blir lydnadschampion!!

September 11

Hjalmar is shown in working trials

Kristina and Hjalmar who entered working level 1 ("appellklass"). It went very well for them and they are now qualified for the nevel level. Hjalmar is only 16 months old and already qualified for level 2 in working test and level intermediate in rally obedience. So proud of them both!

Hjalmar - bearded collie- tävlar appellklass spår

September 3

Lilly got her first title

Lilly makes her third enrty in rally obedience level novice. She gets 95 points and this is her third leg in this level. By then she is now qualified for the next level, intermediate, and got the title RLD N.

Lilly - bearded collie- got her first title and ribbon!

August 21

Obedience trial

Izzie was entered in obedience level elite (FCI level 3). She won her level with 288.5 points and got a CC. So happy!

Izzie with her prize

We celebrated this with swimming in a sea, which Izzie loves.


August 20

Lilly make her first entry in a rally obedience trial

Today was a big day for Lilly, she made her first entries in rally obedience trial. Level novice of course. In her first entry she got 91 points of 100. 1 point behind the winners.

Lilly rally

In the other start she got 95 points and won her class. Was so happy, I diden't expect this!

Lilly - rally

July 24

Heelwork to music

Even this day Izzie entered i HTM2. She got 24.60 points, qualifying to the next level, and won the class. Besides this she also got the title HTM2, because she has three qualifying results in HTM2. Izzie's posh name is now LPI LPII LPIII RLD N RLD F RLD A RLD M HTM2 Svassas Easy Choice.


July 23

Heelwork to music

This day Izzie made her first entry i heelwork to music level 2. Izzie did a great job in HTM2A she won her class with 24.50 points and is qualified for the next level (level 3, the highest level). In HTM2B she was runner-up with 24.05 points, even this result made her qualified for the next level.




When Izzie got her first prize (CC) in obedience level elite (fci class 3) a month ago, she was also qualified to the Bearded Collie Club of Sweden's versatility plaque in GOLD!!

Feeling so proud of Izzie! <3

Izzie is the ninth beardie of all time who got the gold plaque. Both her mum and dad and grandmothers on both sides have received the gold plaque.



June 6

Puppy gathering

Finally, I could meet some of Izzie's puppies! It was so fun to see them and their owners. Thank you for coming Fredrik, Anna, Tove, Anders & Kristina with lovely dogs!

MIllieville bearded collie- valpträff
From left to right: Melwin Jr, Lilly, Hedda, Izzie & Hjalmar

June 5

Swedish championship for bearded collie in rally obedience

I was tired and did some wrong exercises on this trial. Despite that Izzie got 71 points in the champion level and was placed as #4 in the championship.

Bearded collie- rallymästerskapet - Izzie kom fyra sammanlagt

June 4

Swedish championship for bearded collie in obedience

Izzie did a good job in level elite (FCI level 3) and got a first prize (CC) with 268.5 points. Very happy!!! As the icing of the cake she also won the championships!!!

Bearded Collie-rasmästerskap i lydnad, Izzie vann!

May 21

Rally obedience trail

Izzie entered the champion level and got 96 points of 100!


May 8

Hjalmar got his first title!

Kristina & Hjalmar does two entries in rally obedience level novice. With 84 points and 94 points he has gain the title RLD N - Congratulations!!

Even uncle Quintus and grandpa Melvin goes to this trial (champion level) and gets 88 and 74 points respectively - Congratulations!!

Hjalmar with his new title: RLD N Millieville Perfect Choice
Photo: Heidi Billkvam

May 7

Hjalmar makes his debut in rally obedience

Hjalmar (Yikes/Izzie) makes his debut in rally obedience with his mum Kriistina Westberg. They get 88 points, their first leg in level novice. Kristina also competes with Hjalmar's uncle Quintus and grandpa Melvin in the champion level. Quintus gets 93 points and Melvin 90 points. Congratulations!!

Kristina & Hjalmar
Kristina & Hjalmar, before Hjalmar moved to Kristina.

April 27

Penny 13 years old!

Today is it Penny's 13th birthday! Happy Birthday to Penny and her siblings!!

Millie och hennes valpar
Left to right: Penny, Murphy, mom Millie, Melvin & Jonna, from 2005

April 24

Lilly and her siblings first birthday

1 year already... Happy Birthday to Harriet, Hedda, Hjalmar, Jill, Lilly and Melwin!! I hope you all have a great birthday!


March 12

Rally trial

Today was a trial where Izzie did two entries in the champion level. On our first entry we got 89p of 100, in our second run we got 84 points.


February 7

Heelwork to Music-trial

Izzie made her first entry in Heelwork to Music class 1. She gets 24,40p (8.05, 8.20, 8.15) and is now qualified to Heelwork to Music level 2.

IzziePhoto: Mikael Svensson

February 6

Freestyle trial

I was very nervous when Izzie and I did our first entry in Freestyle level 1. Izzie did a great performance and got 23,85 p (8.00, 7.75, 8.10) and is now qualified for Freestyle level 2.


IzziePhoto: Mathilda Sandberg

January 16

Rally trial

Izzie did a great trial in the champion level and got 96 points of 100. My lovely Izzie!



Summery of 2015 & year lists in rally obedience

2015 was a bit different year for us when Izzie become a proud mom of a litter of six lovely puppies.

Izzie: Runner-up in Top winning beardie in rally obedience & Runner- up Winner of the Championships in rally for Bearded Collie

Melvin: Top winning beardie in rally obedience

Quintus: Top winning beardie in rally obedience

This year Penny enjoyed her life as a retired, Penny's brother crossed the rainbow bridge 12 years and 8 months old.

BruksbeardisarQuintus & Melvin - top winning beardies in rally obedience. Owner and talented handler: Kristina Westberg

Rallymästare!Top winning bearded collie in rally obedience in Sweden during the years.
From left to right; Melvin, Penny, Izzie & Quintus

Izzie winning rally championshipIzzie and jag
Photo: Jens Eriksen

Izzie med valparIzzie with puppies




The Millie family - from left to right; Millie, Izzie (grand child), Penny ( daughter), Quintus (grand child), Melvin (son and dad to Izzie & Quintus)