News 2015

December 28


Today Joy and Jørgen had to say good-bye to Murphy, he became 12 years and 8 months old. Thnka you for giving him the best home he could get, I will never forget him.

Murphy Världens bästa Murphy

December 12

Talent troup in obedience

Today was the last traning session with the talent troup. I decided to leave this group after one year, it has been a really good year. Thank you all for a lovely year.


November 23

Izzie 6 year!

Izzie is already six years old, my lovely Izzie! Happy birthday to Izzie's brother Quintus!

Izzie 6 år

November 22

Puppy gathering

Our second puppy gathering. Anneli, who owns the puppie's dad Yikes, show who to take care of the coats in best possible way now when the puppies starts to change coat from a puppy coat to an adult coat. It was also appreciated to meet Yikes in person. After the grooming session Lilly and I showed how our foundation training.

Thank you all for a lovely day!

ValparnaLeft to right: Melwin Jr, Lilly, Harriet & Jill

October 18

Dubbel Rally obedience trial in Kronohed

The last rally obedience trial this year for Izzie. For some dogs at this trail the surroundings were a bit hard for them, there were gunshots and airplanes flying close to us. Izzie didn't mind which I am very grateful for. Izzie got another two CCs on this trail.


October 18

Rally obedience trail in Sollefteå

A very intense weekend for Kristina, Melvin and Quintus. Both dog did four entries this two days. Melvin got 86p and Quintus got 96 & 87 poäng! Congratulations!!



October 17

Rally obedience trail in Sollefteå

In Sollefteå Kristina have an intense weekend with Melvin & Quintus. On each day each dog will do two enteries, which makes this 8 entries for Kristina totally. Phew...

Melvin got 94 poäng and 73 poäng this day, Quintus gets 91 poäng. Congratulations!!



October 4

Rally obedience trial in V:a Medelpad

The second trail this year for our friends up north. Melvin did another super result and got 93 points, Quintus did good to with 86 points. Congratulations!!



October 3

Rally obedience trial in Svalöv

Second last trial for Izzie today. Izzie did a good trail and got another CC.


September 19

Rally obedience trial in Njurunda

Our friend started their trail season a bit late, but there is no way to hurry to get to trails. Kristina had entered both Melvin and Quintus, they all did good trials! Melvin got 91 points in first entry and in the second 89 points (CCs). Quintus got 87 respectively 82 ponits. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Norrlandsbeardisarna!Hjalmar the puppy was a great coach to Melvin and Quintus this day!

September 5

Rally obedience trial in Trelleborg

Izzie got another CC in the champion level this day.


August 29

Rally obedience trial in Olofström

One of the judges in the Swedish Championships had done a challenging course. Izzie thought the course was really fun! Izzie got another CC and the judge's prize of honor.

Izzie och jagIzzie & I
Photo: Jens Eriksen

August 24

Championship in rally obedience for bearded collies.

Trots lite missförstånd inne på plan så kommer Izzie tvåa på rallymästerskapet i Tånga Hed. Är glad att hon klarade all störning i form av helikopter, skott, mängder av cyklister mm finfint. Att jag sen ger henne otydliga signaler när vi tävlar, kan inte Izzie lastas för - det är enbart mitt fel. Grattis till Christina och Pinot som vann rallymästerskapet!

Izzies resultat från rallymästerskapen genom åren är följande

Despite some confusion inside the plane then Izzie became runner-up on rally Championship in Tånga Hed. I am very happy she didn't mind any interference in the form of helicopter, shots, lots of cyclists etc. just fine. I then gives her unclear signals in the trial, can not be blamed for Izzie - it's only my fault. Congratulations to Christina and Pinot won the Championship!

Izzie results from championship in rally during the years is the following:
2012 - runner-up (Penny won)
2013 - runner-up (Penny won)
2014 - Won
2015 - runner-up

Rallymästerskapet The podium of the rally obedience championship, from left: me and Izzie (runner-up), Christina and Pinot (the winner) and Ingela and Ammie (third place)
Photo: Jens Eriksen

August 23

Championship in obedience for bearded collies.

Considering Izzie having a litter born 4 months ago and almost no training from April we entered the championship for fun at this year. This trail was on one of the hottest summer days and where the competition took place even started a big bike race. Izzie and I was as usual in the bubble. Izzie did a good job, but I did some mistakes - have to read the rules!

We won the elite at the modest score, but is grateful for how well Izzie went considering the circumstances.

Izzie i zätat Photo: Ellinor Bäckström

Izzie hopp apport Photo: Ellinor Bäckström

Izzie vittringen Photo: Ellinor Bäckström

August 15

Rally obedience trial

Izzie and I went to a rally trial a hot summer day, we get another CC with 82p.


July 23

Puppy reuinon

This day we had a puppy reuinon. It was a really lovely day and it was so great to see all the puppies again. Hjalmar and his mum Kristina couldn't join us this day, but I hope they can next time.

ValpkullLeft to right: Lilly, Melwin Jr, Jill, Stella &s Harriet

July 18

Rally obedience

Izzie has now entered a rally obedience trial after being off training and having puppies instead. She got another CC with 74 points in the champions level.


April 27


Happy birthday to Penny and her siblings Melvin, Murphy and Jonna on their 12th birthday. Hard to believe they are already 12 years old. I am feeling very grateful for they are healthy and full of life.


April 24


This Friday the first generation of Millieville was born; six black, lovely puppies with plain markings, two boys and four girls. Proud parents are Izzie and Yikes.

For more information, check the puppy page!



Annual meeting

Last Saturday our working dog club had their annual meeting. Izzie was awarded as best obedience dog!

IzzieIzzie with her prices

February 14

Traning with the talant group

Another training session with the talent group. Got good input how to continue Izzie's traning.



January 17-18

Obedience clinic with the talent group

This weekend was the first "officiel" meeting with the talent group. Instructor was Karin Fischer Kristiansson. We trained a lot with traning wit distractions.

Lägerbildtraining with distractions


Summery of 2014 & year lists in rally obedience and obedience

Penny: just shown once, BIS-veteran at the speciality in Roskilde

Izzie: Top winning beardie in rally obedience, Winner of the Championships in rally for Bearded Collie, Champion of the Champions, Runner-up Top winning beardie in obedience, qualified for obedience level elit (FCI level 3), qualified to the talent group in obedience, R-CC

Melvin: 3rd Top winning beardie in rally obedience, qualified for working level 3 "searching", did one start in this level

Murphy: Top winning veteran in Denmark at the Bearded Collie club of Denmark , BIB/BOS-veteran at many shows

Quintus: Top winning beardie in rally obedience, 7th Top winning beardie in obedience, qualified for obedience level 3 (FCI level 2), qualified for working level 3 "tracking"

BruksbeardisarQuintus & Melvin - Sweden's two most successful beardies in working class, owner: Kristina Westberg

BIR- & BIM-veteranSeptember 2014 - Speciality in Roskilde: Murphy BOS- & Penny BIR-veteran under Liz Jay, kennel Talraz (in the middle)
Photo: Pernille Rutkowski

Izzie winning rally championshipIzzie and I during the Swedish Championship in rally obeidience for Bearded Collies
Photo: Pernilla Engstrand

Izzie winning rally championshipIzzie and I on the championship
Photo: Christina Andersson

Izzie på pallenOur last entry in obedience level 3 (FCI level 2) . Izzie won her class with 287,5p, it was hot this day.
Photo: Carina Bengtsson

The Millie family - from left to right; Millie, Izzie (grand child), Penny ( daughter), Quintus (grand child), Melvin (son and dad to Izzie & Quintus)