News 2013

December 16

Top winning veteran!

This year Millie's son Murphy become the top winning veteran in Denmark, so proud of Millie's "babies" (turning 11 next year...). Congratulations Joy, Jørgen & Murphy!!

Joy & Murphy Joy & Murphy

December 11


Penny and I is in the magazine Hundsport, which is a magazine for the Kennel Club of Sweden. It feels great to show that the beardie can work too. :)

Do you wanna see the photo, click on this link

November 23

Izzie 4 years old

Time really flies. Today is Izzie and Quintis 4th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZIE & QUINTUS!!!


November 9

Obedience trial

Today Izzie made her debut in obedience level 3, the second highest level in Sweden. She did a great job and worked so good. It was a real pleasure to be on the course with her. Unfortunately we missed one exercise and didn't become qualified for the next level; level elite. On the other hand, she become qualified for the silver versatility plaque with this result and two other from dog show and rally obedience trial.

Izzie and I at the podium with the judge and stewart

November 3

International dog show in Herning

This weekend Millie's son Murphy become Danish Veteran Winner 2013 at the international dog show in Herning. Congratulations!!! He also become 4th best dog with R-CC. So proud of you and thanks for taking so good care of Murphy!

Murphy with his mum Joy

October 13

Rally trial

Izzies brother Quintus entered the champion level and gets 87p. Izzie's dad, or Penny's brother, Melvin is also entered in the same level and gets 86p. Very good handler and mom to theses wonderful boys is Kristina Westberg.

September 8

Rallytävling i Solleftå

Pennys bror Melvin tävlar denna dag högt upp o norra Sverige med matte Kristina. De får 87p i mästarklassen och kommer tvåa.

September 1

Heelwork trial

Penny won heelwork to music level 2 today. We didn't get qualifying scores to the next level. I am still very happy considering the circumstances; Penny did her best and I should have been better prepared.

Penny enjoys to be on the top at the podium :)

August 24

DKK Nat Varde

Another dog show in Denmark. Izzie got her first CC!! :)

August 17-18

DKK Int Bornholm

The Danish KC had to CACIB shows this weekend in Bornholm. Millie's son Murphy ended up as BOS-veteran both days, congratulations!!
On Saturday Murphy was 3rd best dog, on Sunday 4th best dog with RCC.

August 10-11

Rally trial

This weekend our friend Kristina with her Millie son Melvin and grandson Quintus entered the trials both days. Quintus did a brilliant job and got 94 points one day and the other day 98 points. On Sunday they got their rally obedience champion diplomia - CONGRATULATIONS!!!Melvin did a good job too, on the trial on Sunday he got 84 points.

July 23

Obedience class

Today Lotta Hagström gave me, and Izzie, a lot of tips for the exercises in level 3. Had a wonderful day, thanks Lotta for all help!

July 9-10

Obedience clinic

These days Izzie and I have been on an obedience clinic. Instructor was Lotta Hagström. We (I) got a lot a tips how to work on the exercise for level 3. Looking forward to another training session with Lotta in a couple of weeks!

July 7

Rally trial

Today Melvin got 72 points in the champion level, his son (and Izzie's brother) got 91 points of 100 and ended up as runner-up this day!!

July 4

Rally trial

This day we were at a rally trial. Penny did a wonderful job, she was so happy at the course and ended up as #3. Izzie got a DQ because I jumped over her at one exercise. Pleased with her too of course. Great dog shame about the handler...
They both was entered in the champion level.

Here is a photo of me and Penny from the the trial.

June 30

Rally trial

We were at a rally trail today. It was raining cats and dogs, everything was wet! Usually Penny never thinks it is too rainy or too hot, today she looked at me and "said" this isn't okay. Even if she thought so, she did a great job at the course and ended up as #3 with 95 points of 100 in the champion level. So proud of her and what she did for me!

Photo: John Rehn

Izzie entered the champion level too and got 75 points. She was like always very happy and jumped a little too much... I am pleased with her too, can't expect too much of her; we haven't trained so much rally at all.

June 16

Heelwork to Music

Penny was at a Heelwork to Music trial level 1. She was placed as runner-up and is now qualified for level 2!

I ain't 100% sure, but I guess Penny is the first Beardie in Sweden that has entered a htm.

June 2

Rally trial - The Swedish Championships in rally for Bearded Collies

Very busy weekend... Today the rally championships. Penny got 91 points and was placed as 4th in the champion level. Izzie got 81 points in the champion level too, she got her third CC and got her rally champion diploma!

Just like last year Penny won the Championships and Izzie was runner up! Can't describe how proud I am of my wonderful dogs. They do anything for me. Izzie won a duaathlon, she was the best beardis if you count two trials this weekend in agility, obedience and rally.

I guess I will never forget this weekend!!

Penny and I in action

at the podium

Izzie in duaathlon

me and the dogs with their wonderful ribbons

Izzie got her champion diploma in rally this day

For each championships we won, we got a collar. I guess I don't have to buy any collar for a long time now :)

June 1

Obedience trial - The Swedish Championships in obedience for Bearded Collies

Today was the Swedish Championships in obedience for Bearded Collies. I entered Izzie in level 2. My plan was to enter her to level 3 but we didn't have the time to get train enough (I had been sick during the spring) so we did enter level 2 instead.

Izzie did a wonderful job and showed her wonderful attitude during the whole trial, always trying to do her best. She got 182 points of 200 and won her class! As that wasn't enough the judge (Carina Lundin) thought that Izzie was the most promising beardie at the trail and we won a trophy for that. And as that wasn't enough... Izzie won the whole Championships!!! what a day!!

May 25

Rally trial

Well I guess it was time for another rally trial (lol)... Both dogs were entered in the champion level. Izzie got 73 point and Penny 74 points, both got "CC:s".

May 19

Dog show in Hässleholm

33 beardies were entered to the dog show in Hässleholm. I showed Izzie in the open class. She was runner up in this class, she got excellent and CK (champion quality). She become #3 best bitch and got the R-CAC! Judge was Nils Molin.

Izzie, photo: James Nydahl

May 18

Dog show in Denmark

At the dog show in Svendborg Penny's brother (or Millie's son) Murphy got his first CAC at an age of ten years!! So proud of him! He has become Best Beardie Veteran. Congratulations Murphy, Joy and Jørgen!!
Judge was Charlotte Høier.



May 10

Rally trial

Today was a good trial day. Penny was entered to the champion level and did a wonderful job, she got 100 points of the maximum 100!!! So happy and proud of her!


May 5

Rally trial

Penny's brother (and Millie's son) entered today the champion level in rally and got their third CC. With this they got the rally champion diploma! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


May 4-5

Obedience clinic

This weekend Izzie and I was at an obedience clinic. Instructor was Karin Fischer Kristiansson. We had a great weekend and got a lot of new things to think of.

Izzie in scent control


May 1

Rally trial

Today Izzie made her debut in the champion level and did a wonderful job; 91p and a CC. Penny did a good job to in the same level and got 84p.

Two happy dogs :)

April 28

Rally trial

Busy weekend. Izzie took her last leg in the intermediate level and is now qualified to the champions level. She also got the title RLD A. Penny did a entries this day; she got 94p in the champion level and ended up as runner up in this level.

Izzie and Penny with their ribbons

April 27

Rally trial & Penny's 10th birthday

Another day with rally trail for Penny. She did her best and got another CC.

This day was also Penny's birthday. Can't believe that she is now ten years old... What happened?? I am very happy that she is bright and alert. I hope she can stays healthy for many more years. Penny celebrated her birthday with a hamburger and some other treats :)
We wish all her siblings; Melvin, Murphy and Jonna a very happy Birthday!!

Penny with her hamburger


April 20

Rally trial

Today was a rally trial for Izzie in advanced and Penny in the champion level. Penny got another "CC" and Izzie got her second leg in this level, she needs one more to get qualified to the champion level.

April 14

Rally trial

Even this day Kristina went to a rally trial, this day with both dogs. They were entered in the champion level and it went really well; they both got a CC!!! VERY WELL DONE!!!

Melvin & Quintus

April 13

Rally trial

Today Izzie's brother Quintus and his mum Kristina was entering a rally trial in level advanced. They got their third leg and is now qualified for the champion level and achieved the titel RLD A! Congratulations!!!


April 1

Rally trial

Today Izzie made her debut in level advanced. Considering the circumstances we hadn't trained nothing at all. Despite that Izzie got her first leg in this level, so proud of her!!!


March 16


Today was the day I was afraid of. Millie said to me "It is now time for me to move to the other side, Mum". Just before we were going to the vet Millie said good bye to me in a was that was so typical for Millie, I will never forget that. Life will never be the same again. I miss you, Millie!! ♥

Millie (OTCH CH Highflying Just Like That) 1999.03.18-2013.03.16

Millie was my pride, my joy, my ray of light. She is now gone, but never ever forgotten. I wish there were words to describe how much she meant to me and how much I miss her.

Millie went to the other side yesterday. She is now running on the green meadows and having a lot of fun with Chess. Tomorrow, March 18, was supposed to be her 14th birthday and I had planned to do make a folder of photos for this special day.
As you all know things often don’t go the way we plan. I am and will always be very grateful for having the opportunity to have Millie in my life. Life is very empty without her now.

Run free my sweet Millie ♥

March 10

Champion show

The Bearded Collie Club of Denmark had a show in Hårlev. Millie's son Murphy become BOB-veteran. Congratultions Joy and Jørgen!!

Murphy almost 10 years old

February 10

Rally trial & dog show

Izzie and I went to Denmark to a international dog show in Fredericia. Izzie become #4 in the open class. We had a great day there with our friends.

Izzie's dad Melvin and brother Quintus with their mum Kristina were at rally trials. Quintus got his second leg in the advanced level. Melvin made his debut in the champion level and recieved a CC - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

With this CC in rally Melvin have now qualified for Versatility GOLD. He is the 5th beardie that has gain this "title". So proud of him and Kristina!!

Quintus & Melvin!

January 27

Rally obedience trial

This day Penny and I were at the first rally trial this year. Penny did a wonderful job and I am so proud of her. We had some misunderstandings and lost some points, but it still was a "cc" in the master level.

Good Girl, Penny!


Year lists in rally obedience and obedience and summery of 2012

2012 was the year then Penny and I were at more trails than ever. One of my friends got the brilliant idea that we should try to qualify our dogs to the Swedish Championships in rally obedience (all breeds). We entered to a lot of trials and were at trials almost every weekend. And we did get the qualification!! At the Swedish Championships I forgot to run at one part and we missed the final with 7 points. The cost of forgetting to run was 20 points...
Penny was the first beardie ever to achieve the champion title in rally.
Penny won the Swedish Championships in rally for Bearded Collies, Izzie was runner up!

After the breed championships Izzie did some entries in rally in the intermediate level. She did get great scores and is now qualified for the advanced level. This year the most important thing was the obedience trial. On Good Friday Izzie got her first obedience title when she won obedience level 1 with 185.5p. In the fall she made her debut in obedience level 2. At her first trial she won her class with flying colors; 190.5 of 200. She did three other entries and did get qualification scores for the next level in every trial and got the title LPII.

Millie has now retired from dog shows. Her coat got shorter, which is more convenient for her. The rules for versatility was changed during 2012 and by the new rules she is now qualified for the gold level. The fourth beardie in the history that has got this title!

Millie's son, or Penny's brother, Melvin with his mum Kristina went to rally trials too. He is miss now just one more trial in the advanced level to be qualified for the champion level. Fingers crossed!

Quintus, Melvin's son and Izzie's brother, has been obedience and rally trials together with his mum Kristina. In obedience he got the title LPII and is going to start the advanced level in rally during 2013. They also passed the herding instinct test and is qualified for level 2 in tracking and obedience (bruks/spår)

Summary of 2012;

Penny: Top winning beardie in rally obedience 2012, qualified to the Swedish Championships in rally (all breed), Winner of the Championships in rally for Bearded Collie, RLD F, RLD A, RLD M - the first beardie that got the champion title in rally.
Izzie: Top winning beardie in obedience 2012, 4th Top winning beardie in rally obedience 2012, Runner up of the Championships in rally for Bearded Collie, LPI, LPII & RLD F
Millie: Versatility GOLD
Melvin: 2nd Top winning beardie in rally obedience 2012 RLD N
Quintus: 4th Top winning beardie in obedience 2012, 6th Top winning beardie in rally obedience 2012, qualified for level 2 in tracking and obedience, HIC , LPII, RLD N & RLD F

The Millie family - från vänster; Millie, Izzie (barnbarn), Penny ( dotter), Quintus (barnbarn), Melvin (son och pappa till Izzie & Quintus)

January 4

Christmas card contest

Bearded Collie Club of Sweden had a Christmas card contest. My friend Kristina reminded me to send my card to this contest. There was so many really nice Christmas cards so I was really surprised that my card endad up as #2. We shared this place with Kristina.

Here is the card:

Wishing you all a great 2012!