News 2012


Millie - the cover girl

I am very proud and happy when I saw the magazine for the bearded collie club of Denmark. Millie was the cover girl there. Inside the magazine there was some photos of my dogs too. :)

December 9

Rally trial

Today was the last rally trial for this year. Penny entered the champion level. She did such a wonderful job; we had a really great feeling during the course and only lost four points. After the course the dog is supposed to stand, sit or lay down (the judge decides that) in a square. Here we had some misunderstandings and we lost a lot of points. Penny got another CC in rally and I am very happy that she had such a great attitude!

November 24

Obedience trial

This day was Izzie's last entry in obedience level 2. It was a kind of messy laying in group and we lost 20 points because of me. Great dog, shame about the handler! Maybe it wasn't our best performance in this level, Izzie had her great attitude all the time - my wonderful Izzie! ♥ We got 169.5 points out of 200, another qual. to the next level.

Here is a video from this trial, the exercise laying in group was never recorded.

November 23

Izzie 3 years old!!

Today is Izzie three years old. It feels like yesterday she was a puppy. We would also like to wish her brother up north in Sweden a very Happy Birthday!!

for view this in a bigger size, click on it!

November 11

Obedience trial

Another trial for Izzie in obedience level 2. She did a great job and got her third first prize and the title LPII. She won this level with 189 points of 200. So proud and happy of her!

Our friend Linda and her dog Lidas won level elite - congratulations!! Here are both winners and very good friends.

Our friend Linda and her dog Lidas won level elite - congratulations!! Here are both winners and very good friends.

November 4

Obedience trial

Izzie did her second entrence in obedience level 2. Got her second first prize (qual to the next level). So proud of my lovely gilrl!

November 2

Obedience trial

Halloween trial for Melvin and his mum Kristina in obedience level 2. They got their third first prize and the title LPII. Well done!

October 27

Rally trials

Izzie was shown in intermediate and got 82 points of 100. Had some trouble during Pennys trial in the champions level, she got 70 points.

Izzie & Penny

October 21

Tracking and obedience trial

Quintus and Kristina are on trail containg tracking and obedience. They did another great trail and are now qualified for the next level!

Kristina & Quintus

October 14

Obedience trial

Izzie made her debut in obedience level 2 with flying colors (if I may say it); she got 190.5 points of 200 and won her class. So proud and happy of her! ♥

October 13

Rally trial

Quintus starts in the two intermediate levels and win both with the fantastic points 99 and 100 points respectively, maximum is 100. He is now qualified for the advanced level and got the title RLD F!
Melvin starts in the two levels in advanced and win one of them with 95 points and in the other class he got 74 points. Congratulations to a super day!

Melvin & Quintus with a friend who also competed this day.

October 7

Obedience trial

Quintus and his matte Kristina competes in obedience level 2. They win their class with 176.4 points of 200. Well done!!

September 30

Mental discription

Quintus pass a mental discription with gun shoots with flying colors!

September 29

Rally trial

Izzie competed twice in the intermediate level and got her two last legs in this level. She has now qualified for the advanced level having gained the title RLD F. Penny competed once in her rally level and did a great job. Unfortunately she almost sat for one of the exercises where she should have been standing so the judge decided to take 10 points from us, she gained 90p out of 100 in the champion level.

Izzie & Penny

September 23

Rally trials

Having competed in the Swedish Championships in rally for bearded collies I considered entering Izzie for some trials too. Pursuing that idea, Izzie was entered for the show in Trelleborg and was very happy to be getting all the attention. Actually, she was a bit too happy which lost us a few points...never mind. She got 95points out of 100 in the intermediate level… My good girl!

Penny was really surprised she wasn't my only dog doing trials today. She did a wonderful job in the championship level. Unfortunately I made a few mistakes and we lost 20 points (again!). She achieved a respectable result of 74 and gained another CC. So pleased with her too

Izzie och Penny. Izzie var extra stolt över sin stoooora rosett...

September 15

The Swedish Championships in Rally Obedience (all breeds)

The Swedish Championships in Rally (all breeds) took place this weekend. Penny and I were qualified. During our trial I forgot to run for one part of the course. Instead of being placed as 10ish and qualified to the final, we became #23 instead. To get to the final you had to be in the top 20. Great dog, shame about the handler...

Photo: Viktoria Mark

Photo: Viktoria Mark

September 8

Rally trial

Another day with rally trials for Melvin, Quintus and their mum Kristina, all in the intermediate level. Melvin got 100 points of 100!! He is now qualified for the advanced level. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The clever Melvin!

August 12

Rally trial

The Bearded Collie Club of Sweden has an rally trial. Melvin and Quintus were competering at this trial in the intermediate level. They both come as # 3 with 88 points. Congratulations!!

August 11

SKK Nat Ronneby

Show time! Izzie got excellent and is placed as #3 in the open class. Penny also got excellent and placed as #3 in the veterans class.

August 4

The Swedish rally obedince championships for Bearded Collies

For the first time ever the Bearded Collie Club of Sweden had a rally championships. I had entered both Penny and Izzie. Penny won the champion level and Izzie won the intermediate level. Penny won the championships and Izzie was runner up!! Very pleased with the dogs.

photo: Pernilla Engstrand

photo: Pernilla Engstrand

Penny & jag
photo: Pernilla Engstrand

August 2

The Swedish Championships in Rally Obedience

For a couple of days ago, I got the message that Penny is now qualified to the Swedish Championships in Rally Obedience (all breeds). I become very happy and proud, of course, of Penny!

Penny & I

July 6

Rally trial

Penny and jag have had some vacation from training and trails for about a month, we both needed that since it was pretty intense this spring. Because of that I didn't have that high expectations while we were going to a trial in Ystad. Guess if I was really surprised when Penny is doing her best result ever in a rally trial.... She got 96 points of 100 in the champion level! What a dog I have! :)

1 juli

Dog show at Rønne (Denmark)

Was at my first visit at the Danish island called Bornholm. During this visit I had of course to go to a dog show with Penny. The judge gave have a wonderful critique and she was placed as #2 with CK (champion quality). This day we also met Penny's brother Murphy, it is always great too see Millie's "puppies"!



June 9

Herding instinct test

Izzie's borther Quintus passed today his herding instinct test. Well done Kristina & Quintus!

Photo: Camilla Karlsston

June 2

Rally obedience trial

Penny entered another rally trial and got 89 points.

photo: HUNDratio procent

May 19

Rally obedience trial

Today Penny got 90 points of 100 in the champion level. Very pleased with Penny!

May 12

Rally obedience trial

Another trial for Penny in the champion level. Penny was a little bit too happy this day, but I prefer a dog that is too happy than the opposite. We ended up with 85 points of 100.

May 5

Obedience trial

Izzie's brother Quintus entered this day obedience level 2 with his mum Kristina. They did a great job and is now quilified to the next level - level 3 (the second highest in Sweden). Well done!!

Izzie's dad was also at the same train and entered level elite. He was very happy and had a great attitude, but unfortunetaly he missed some exercises. The most important thing is that the dogs are showing the right attitude which he did. :)

May 5-6

Obedience clinic

This weekend Izzie and I were at an obedience clinic with Lillemor Edström (winner of the Swedish championships 2009). We got a lot of inspiration and had a great weekend. Thanks to Linda that took care of everthing.

You can find more photos here.

Izzie and I in heel work

May 1

Rally trial

Another day for a rally trial. Pennys third entry in the champion level. Once again she is doing a great job. She got her third "CC" and gain the rally champion diploma (RLD A). Penny is the first beardie in Sweden that has gain this title! So proud of Penny!! <3

April 29

Rally trial

Another trial this weekend, busy weekend. Penny did her second entry in the champion level and did a wonderful job, but I... It was a great dog, shame about the handler. I did a mistake that costs us 20 points. We got 77 points and another "CC".

Crissi, that have started a dog training company - HUNDratio procent, took photos of me and Penny during this trial. THANKS CRISSI!!!

warming up!

April 28

Today Penny did her first entry in the champion level in rally obedience. She did a great job and ended up as #3, she got 89 points of 100. So proud of her!


April 27

Penny 9 years old!

Today is Penny's birthday, she is now nine years old. Time really flies.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jonna, Melvin, Murphy & Penny!


April 21

Rally obedience trial

It was time for Penny's third enter in level advanced (rally). Compared to the last trial Penny was in so much better mood! :) She got her third leg in this level and is now qualified to the champion level. Woohoo! Penny also gain the title RLD A.
Her pedigree name with titles is now: LPI LPII RLD N LPELIT SE LCH RLD F RLD A Highflying That's Just Me. Pooh... I guess I need to ask for some extra space when I enter her to more trials. :)


April 15

Rally obedience trial

Today it was time for Penny (again) to go to a trial. She wasn't having one of her best days, we had some misunderstandings, but she got her second leg in advanced tho.


April 6


Today Izzie and I was at an obedience trial. She did a great job and got 185.5 points of 200. By this she got her third first prize and gain the obedience title LPI. As this wasn't enough she also won her class! Big happiness! A really Good Friday! :)


Some photos from this day
Photographer: Sara Ahlér

April 1


For the first time Penny started in rally level advanced, she did a great job and got her first leg of three in this level.

March 25

Champion Show (Bearded Collie Club of Denmark) at Nørre Aaby

Penny was shown for the first time for about five years. She was really surprised that she was on a show, she was expecting that we were going to a rally or obedience trial... Judge was Rolf Blessing, kennel Spirit of Caledonia, From Germany. Penny was best veteran! Maybe it will be some more shows for her in the future..

Photo: James Nydahl

March 18

Millie 13 years old

Times really flies, today Millie will be 13 (!) years old, my sweet Millie. So happy and grateful for all joy and happiness she brings into our lives.

March 7

More about x-ray

Checked the paper from the Kennel Club of Sweden. There it said Izzied had HD A-B, but the kennel club will register this as HD B.
Evaluation made by Annie Liman.

March 3


Today we finally got Izzies and her brother Quintus result from from x-ray. Quintus got HD A and ED 0, Izzie HD B and ED 0!! So happy over this great result!

Quintus with his mom Kristina


February 25

Rally obedience trial

Penny started in level intermediate and got her third qualifying score and is by then qualified to level advanced and got the titel RLD F. Well done Penny!


February 18-19

Obedience clinic in Kungsör

Like last year we had a fun clinin in obedience at "hundarena" in Kungsör. This year we had an instructor, Lotta Hagström, whom gave a lot of great tips. Got so much inspiration from this weekend and will just train and train!

Lotta & Katja

Quintus training sending to a square

Melvin had a great attitude and will to please!

Was so pleased with Izzie too. She really enjoyed being indoors and training with a bunch of other beardies.
Penny was with me this weekend too, but no-one didn't manage to take picture of her.

February 5

Obedience trail

This day Ängelholm dog working club had an obedience trial. Even if we had some misunderstanding between me and Izzie, we got a first prize and is (once again) qualified to the next level. Izzie become #2 of 14 in her level.


Year list in obedience

The Bearded Collie Club of Sweden has an obedience club. Penny ended up as runner-up (#2) and Izzie with only two entries as #9. Izzie brother Quintus become #4!

The Millie family - from left to right; Millie, Izzie (granddaughter), Penny ( daughter), Quintus (grandson), Melvin (son and father to Izzie & Quintus)

January 4

Christmas card contest

Bearded Collie Club of Sweden had a Christmas card contest. My friend Kristina reminded me to send my card to this contest. There was so many really nice Christmas cards so I was really surprised that my card endad up as #2. We shared this place with Kristina.

Here is the card:

Wishing you all a great 2012!