Highflying Just Like That



HD: A-A, ED: 0,Thyroid: normal

"Millie" was born March 18 1999 at kennel Highflying. Of the ten in her litter she was the first born, already then she had to be in a hurry! She was like a sun shine as a puppy; always happy and rowdy! Today she is a very good dog to train with; bright, alert and will to please.

Millie was a dog who never did anything stupid, not even as a puppy if I ignore the pens and a phone that she was chewing. Even as a puppy, I could have her off lease everywhere, all the time. Training-wise, she loved her ball and candy, but most of all she had a very big will to please me. She was never grumpy, more devastated, not to be able to please me, if something went wrong. When I look at pictures of me and Millie she is always around me. In short, you could say that Millie was always there for me and saw everything positively. What if everyone had this attitude so beautiful we had enjoyed it!

When Chess was young they played a lot together, Millie was fast as the wind and Chess was so frustrated that never come if her. When Chess grew older and Penny become Millie's new playmate, they played in a completely different way. From being the Chess chased, Millie was the one who chased Penny. So very wonderful to see their games and have so much fun together.

Then she was about 13 months she was showed for the first time in obedience. It went well, 184 points (maximum 200) and a second place. The obedience title LPI won she at her first three starts in obedience level 1. 2000 Millie won the gold medal at the Swedish Championships for youth with the points 191,64 of 200. She had totally 11,18 point more than the number two!!! If that should not be enough she also became the second most winning Beardie in obedience that year... The year after that (2001) she again became #2 Obedience Bearded Collie of the year after had won the title LPII in the fall. This year I also showed her in working trials level 1 ("appellklass spår") which she passed and got qualified for the next level.

The spring 2002 she was qualified to compete in Obedience level Elite. Her debut in the level Elite happened the fall the same year. This day it was raining cats and dogs, but she did not let me down. She got her first CC there, one more time I got proud of my dog! One month later she won her second CC. In October 2003 she got her third CC and became Obedience Champion! In this competition she got 300 points of the maximum 320 points! I was, of course, very happy after this show. Millie was also happy; she got a lot of treats from everyone... And Millie LOVES treats!

She is of course x-rayed and scored - HD-A and ED-Free. She has also passed a mental test. In August 2001 she did go through a mentally description with gun-shot. In the fall 2002 she also passed a herding instinct test. As the second Beardie through all times she won the Swedish Bearded Collie Club (SBC) Silver Plaque in Versatility!

April 27th 2003 Millie gave birth to four puppies, two black bitches and two brown dogs. The proud father is Babbacombe Chequers "Liam", living in Holland. Liam is a very nice black dog with lot of energy! Some of his puppies have become agility champions and champions in conformation. I will follow these puppies with a big interest!

In Augusti 2003 she made her debut in the agility course. To my big surprise, and happiness, she got her first leg in agility level 1. Since Millie just loves to train and compete agility, we will continue to show her in agility.

October 2004 Millie passed the pretest in Blood tracking, and we are now hoping that we someday can start in "open class", the highest level, after a lot of training.

If this was not enough we had also been at some dog shows in conformation. At the Danish Bearded Collie Club's dog show in Næstved, October 2002, it went pretty well! Millie won the CC and became Best of Breed! At the Danish Kennel Club's International dog show in Fredericia she got her second CC. She got her third CC, BOS and her Danish champion title in conformation at the Danish Kennel Club's show in Roskilde the 6th of June 2004. Three weeks later we went to the Norwegian Kennel Club international dog show in Trondheim. She became best of breed with CC and CACIB, which made her Norwegian Champion in conformation. At a dog show in Visby (Sweden) in the beginning of July Millie got CC, CACIB, BOB and became #3 in the group finals! She became Swedish Champion also at this show!

Millie has now debuted in agility! This happened on I August 2003. It became clear ran beyond expectations ... She had her first leg in the agility class 1 and came third! Then Millie just loves to train agility, we will continue with this. During Agility Championships 2005 won Millie both agility as the jumping class and became Agility Champion! Big joy of course! Due to an accident at an agility competition, crash against a tire, got Millie end up with agility. She missed ​​then only a leg for to be qualified to level 3...

In the spring of 2004, Millie and I have a blood tracking course, the fall of the same year became Millie approved in the first level.
In autumn 2011, competed Millie rally. We came around and got a qualifying result in level beginner and in level intermedaite. With this outcome achieved Millie gold plaquette in versatility!