Vem är Linda?

I'm in charge of this page is Linda Jönsson, and ended up in Lund when I started studying here. I was born and raised in Sölvesborg, about 1,5 hours drive from Lund. When my studies was finishedy, I had difficulties to find me here, so I decided stay at the place where I simply was.

Dogs are one of my major interests in life. Since childhood I have had four-legged friends of all kinds around me. In retrospect, I do not understand how my parents could cope with all the animals that I had during my childhood. At two years of age, I sat on one of the grandmother's ponies and was "riding". My uncle's dogs attracted me too. They tried to go walking with, but in all honesty, it was probably they who were walking with me ...

Härkilas Åra

"Hunderiet" really took off when I started an obedience with my uncle's hunting buddy Drever. Thanks to "Tina", EN-91 Härkilas Oar II, I came in contact with obedience, but also dog shows. With Tina, I went to dog working club, I had hoped that she would learn to obey a little. She surprised a lot and was a quick learner and learned the exercises for obedience level 1.

Dog shows also seemed fun, so I entered Tina to two. It turned out that Tina was a very beautiful dog, her got CCs nor champion quality at every show she went to. To get the third and final CC I entered her to the big dog show "Stora Stockholm", which was held in December. This time she was BOB (Best of Breed), but during the show she was most acidic. She had missed a day of hunting!

1990 I got my first bearded collie. In the spring I called some breeders. When I talked to Guniila Rydin I felt I wanted to buy my dog here. They had one bitch puppyfor sale if only the right owner appear and they thought I might be that one person. Still feel really proud of that. The puppy was my lovely Chess (LP LPII LPELIT SLCH DKLCH Remmen's Noble Duchess VERSATITILY SILVER)! Chess was an wonderful dog that has thought me a lot of many, many things.

Many successes were there for Chess part, the trials that I remember best is the gold medal she won at the Swedish Championships for youth 1993, and when she got her champion titles. Several times she has written history for beardies. Firstly, at its Danish champion, but she was also the first dog that got the silver plaquett in versatility (The bearded collie club of Sweden).

In the autumn of 2005 I sadly say goodbye to this wonderful dog, but I will always remember her and am thankful with the wonderful time we had together.

Through Chess, I was stuck in the wonderful dog world. You get to know so many lovely people and you get besides, a lot of fresh air!

 Jag och ChessMe & Chess
Jag och Millie
Me & Millie

When Chess got older I started to look for a new dog, a bearded collie of course. I wanted another dog while Chess was still alert, so she could play with the little puppy. In spring 1999, Inger Dahl in Helsingborg a litter. There I found my "Millie" (LPI LPII LPELIT SLCH DKUCH NUCH SUCH Highflying Just Like That - charatested tested (gun shot proof), HIC VERSATITILY GOLD)! Millie is a very fresh and alert dog who played with chess every day.

Obedience debut occurred just after her first birthday, and it went beyond all expectations. She received many nice praise from the judge and other competitors, the score was 184 points. That same year, we participated in U-SM, where we won gold! Millie competed a lot in obedience and took her championship, she became the second Beardie who got silver plaquette in versatility.

We also competed a lot of agility In old age, she had her last track, rally obedience, for gold plaque in versatility.

14 years old, it was time to say goodbye to my sweet, wonderful Millie. Miss her still today, but am extremely grateful for all that she had been in my life for so many years.


In 2003, Millie had maternity leave. The puppies were born on the 27th of April , there were four. Penny (LPI LPII RLD N RLD F LP ELITE RLD A RLD M SE OTCH Highflying That's Just Me - charatested tested (gun shot proof), HIC VERSATITILY SILVER ), one of Millie's puppies, stayed with my aunt and me, we have joint custody of this little gem.

In 2005 Penny made her debut in obedience trials , and it worked brilliantly ! In her first trial , SBC Obedience Championships, she won her class and was also winning the championships! In her first three trials , she received three first prizes, hence the obedience title LPI , and also won two of them! She was also this year, the top winning Beardie in obedience .

Penny has been an amazing dog to train, she has given me some challenges - but jeez what I've learned about myself, about Penny and dog training. After Penny had won various obedience champion and some other obedience awards we saddled and started with Rally Obedience .

Penny was the first Beardie who got the championship diplomia in rally, she also qualified for the first two Championship in rally obedience (all breeds) and was the top winning bearded collie in rally obedience. We have also tried to compete Heelwork to Music and where she's competing in level 2 , I guess that Penny is also the first Beardie who started HtM2 .

Jag och Penny Penny & me
Jag och IzzieIzzie & me


Since we never got any puppies from Penny, I was thrilled when I got offer to buy a puppy from Penny's lovely brother Melvin. Anna on Svassas kennel called me 1 January evening in 2010 and asked if I was still interested in the female puppy in this litter. Without even having seen this little puppy I said yes on the spot to bring Izzie (RLD N LPI RLD F LPII RLD A RLD M Svassas Easy Choice VA ALLROUND SILVER) home.

This was a decision I have never regretted it feels that Izzie has lived here forever. She stepped through the door when we came home from Stockholm like that she had never been in any other place. Izzie is a wonderful dog to train; loves to play and loves treats, but most of all she loves to be with me and train.

I have so far nothing to complain about her results, she has become winner of the Swedish Championships in obedience for Bearded Collies 2013, runner-up of the Swedish Championships in rally for Bearded Collies 2013, winner of the Swedish Championships in "duaathlon" for Bearded Collies 2013 and top winning beardie in obedience 2012
. At the championships in obedience 2013 the judge gave her the trophy of "the judes favorite".

Above all, as with all my dogs, Izzie is first and foremost a family member and I am extremely grateful that she gives me so much joy and happiness in life.

Today, obedience, rally and heelwork my main interests in "the dog world". A little hard just to keep up with everything you want. Sometimes I also go to dog shows. For me a Beardie should be versatile. One should not have to exclude the other, ie Beardie should have brain AND beauty.