Millieville Love Choice


HD B, ED: 0

Then we decided to try to get the puppies after Izzie was a girl at the top of the wish list. It was not just one girl born, it was four girls and two boys. Izzie gave them a great start and took care of her puppies well. I thought it would be hard for me to choose which one who would stay. Lilly, or "Strimman" as she was called at first, made it very easy for me. She picked more or less me!

Lilly is working as a dog very happy, loves to run and is a very happy dog. She runs, just like his father and mother, happily with something in his mouth. Right now it's just a lot of foundation training is trained. We have no rush to get out to trials. It was not my plan, but when Lilly was 16 months old she was shown in rally obedience trials. Even if I think Lilly need more foundation training, Lilly did a really great job. With her first three enteries she finished her first title in rally obedience novice. A month later she started in the intermediate level and she won her level with 99 points of 100. Lilly is now qualified for the advanced class in rally obedience and for freestyle class 2.

When we are out walking playing with her mother Izzie is one thing she really likes, the question is which one is having most fun - Izzie or Lilly? She is very sensitive to my signals, so it is no problem to have her off leash.

Izzie och Lilly