How did this started?

In the middle of the 90’s I started to take pictures of dogs, especially beardies. I went to dogs shows in agility, conformation and obedience and took some pictures at almost every event. After a while some people had discovered what I was doing, and ask me if I couldn’t take some shots of their dogs. Of course I felt very happy that they asked just me and took some pictures of the dogs. As time went by I got more and more pictures, I remember one year who was a real “photo year”. That year I took over 600 pictures…

In 2003 I started to think of what I should to with all these pictures and someone came up with the idea that a homepage would be a great to show them. I agree, but what I did not think of was how many pictures I had to scan! It took “some” hours to scan these pictures I want to show you. I have not changed anything in the pictures, not even in the background. My aim is to take good pictures at once and not to edit them afterwards. Since I have two other homepages to take care of – Millieville Bearded Collies and (a page about beardies and obedience, agility, mental tests, herding etc - only in Swedish unfortunaly) – I decided to make this page as “low-maintaince” as possible. This means that I have not put the dog’s titles on this site. If you are interested in a certain dog and all their titles I recommend a visit at Hobbe’s database. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause.

If you are curious about who am I as a person and my dogs I think you should visit Millieville Bearded Collies.

I hope you like your visit here at my Gallery!