In memory of Chess



During Chess' 16th year we had to say goodbye to this lovely lady. Chess had a long and healthy life, she was a happy beardie. Until just a short time before she died she joined in our hour long walks every day. Chess was an iron lady until the very last.

Chess made beardie history several times over through her excellent contributions in so many different areas. I don’t know how many years in a row she was the most winning bitch in obedience. She was even a top winning beardie in agility and conformation. Chess was a bright, alert and wonderful beardie, but most of all she was my best friend.

There are not enough words to describe her intelligence and her goodness. In the same way there are no words to tell you how empty it is after she has gone to the other side of the rainbow. But I am very, very, very grateful for all the years she was a part of my life.

Today Chess is running on the green meadows and in the forests and having fun. I know also that she can now have as many treats as she wants.

Thanks Chess, my little Duchess, for everything!


Chess 14 years old