Remmen's Noble Duchess



HD: free

"Chess" was born April 5, 1990 at Gunilla and Kjell Rydin at Remmen's kennel. She was the last born of eight puppies. She was an incredibly good dog to train with, alert, happy and always willing to train. Called "Little heart" by her breeder Gunilla, she was my great heart of Chess; she gave me so much in many contexts. Without exaggeration, one would say that we grew up together. An incredible fighting instinct that few Beardies have, had she. Very often knew Chess what she wanted, but somehow we managed two work toward the goals that we set. We were a fantasy ideal team, we read each other so well and complemented each other in the best way.

At this time there was not the same course range as it does today with a lot of private parties. After we had completed an obedience class I course and a call rate we trained in, all by themselves. To my help I had a lot of dog books on obedience and rule, nothing else. Sure made ​​plenty of mistakes, absolutely! Chess was very forgiving and we got to practice on some things. This was of course incredibly instructive and nothing that I would want to be without.

During her first show year in obedience she got three first prizes and the LP-title (an obedience title in Sweden). Only three years old she got her champion title in obedience! She took it on her first three starts, of those two wins, in level Elite! On her first obedience trail in Denmark she became Danish Obedience Champion! She was also the second dog in Sweden ever to win this title, and the first Beardie in world history to have these two champion titles. 1995 she became the Obedience Bearded Collie of the Year, which were one of the peaks in her obedience carrier. After that she retire from obedience trails and started to compete in agility, there she was qualified to many Swedish Championships and Swedish Youth Championships both individually and in team.

Then the Swedish Bearded Collie Club founded Versatility Bearded Collie she was the first Beardie to win the Silver Plaque. Once again time I got very proud of her!
1993 she won the gold medal in the Swedish Championships for youth in working trials ("appellklass spår"), 1995 took she the bronze medal in agility in the Swedish Championships for youth.

Some shows in conformation has she visit too. On an international dog show she became Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) and Best of Breed-Veteran. In the finals the judge placed her in Best in Show of the veterans as #5!

Easy I could say Chess is my right hand. Many times she knows what I want to do or thinking of before I even know about it! I have never met any more intelligent dog! If I should complain of anything it should be that later in my "dog life". She is a dog that you have once in lifetime.

She is x-rayed and scored with the result; HD free.

In the fall 2005 we had to say good bye to this lovely Lady! I will never forget her and I am very grateful for the time we had together. Thanks Chess for everything!

Chess 14 years old!

Enkelt skulle jag kunna sammanfatta Chess som min högra hand. Ofta vet hon vad jag vill eller vad jag tänker, innan jag själv ens vet om det! Någon intelligentare hund, har jag aldrig sett maken till! Om det något som jag skulle klaga över är i så fall, att jag kanske skulle fått henne senare i mitt "hundliv". En hund som henne får man chansen att ha en gång i sitt liv.

Givetvis är hon röntgad HD utan anmärkning.

I oktober 2005 fick vi säga farväl till denna fantastiska hund. Hon lever vidare i våra minnen och vi minns glädje denna tid som vi fick tillsammans med Chess.

Tack för allt Chess!