March 21

Obedience trial at the dog show Malmö (Int)!

Min friend and training partner Linda was showing her lovely Golden Retriever Lidas in obedience llevel elite this day. I just had to take some pictures from their competition... It was a great day to meet old friends that I have not met for ages, I hope to see you soon!

Those pictures I took of the Beardies will been published in my beardie gallery soon.

fritt följ

fokuserat ekipage!

konen vid apporteringsdirigeringen

snabbt ut till rätt apport (uppenbarligen tyvärr lite suddigt)

fin hoppteknik! :)



Lidas get some massage after the competition
Lidas får lite massage efter tävlingen

The prize ceremoni

Niina Svartberg with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever "Skoj"