February 28

Farm day!

Helena and Jörgen have many different kinds of animals, they have cows, heifers, calves, hens, roaster, sheep, pot-bellied pig, cats and - of course - dogs! We had a great day at their farm. For the first time Izzie got the opportunity to meet all these animals, and she loved it. She became a very good friend to their border collie Razzel, who is two months older than Izzie.

Thanks Helena and Jörgen for a great day! Looking forward to meet you soon!

Izzie says hello to the roaster

Penny at Peggy's home

Can you see Peggy's head?


Peggy - the super cool pig!


Razzel and Izzie

Below are some pictures when Izzie and Razzel playing.

Penny just checking that they both are fine