Hairdog's Jennifer-Rush
Heather Mist Alladin Sane
Heather Mist Apple Pie Á La Mode
Heather Mist Everybody's Business
Heather Mist Everybody's Talking
Heather Mist Here Comes The Sun
Herdsmaid's Johnnie Walker
High Jack Who Cares
High Jack Xclusive
High Jack Xplosive
Highflying Ace of Hearts
Highflyng As Time Goes By
Highflying Cheyenne
Highflying French Edition
Highflying Hot To Trot
Highflying Just A Gigolo
Highflying Just A Moment
Highflying Just In Time
Highflying Just Like That
Highflying Lady In Disguise
Highflying Match Maker
Highflying No Doubt
Highflying Perfect Harmony
Highflying That's Just Me
Highflying That's My Boy
Highflying That's My Name
Highflying That's The Way
Hillbacka Show Business
Hillbacka Worring Kind
Hillbacka Xciting Attraction
Honeytaste Mr Big
Honeytaste Black Sexy Lady
Honeytaste Dream Maker
Honeytaste Dream On Baby
Honeytaste Hot Stuff
Honeytaste Stars And Stripe
Honeytaste Star Quality
Honeytaste Wild Fantasi
Honeywell's All Trace Of Chance